Saturday, February 14, 2015

(Japan Jan 2015) Day 1: Singapore to Tokyo. *Part 2*

Day 1 (23 Jan 2015): Singapore to Tokyo *Part 2*

After visiting J-World in Ikebukuro, we came across a Pokemon shop within the same building (Sunshine City) as J-World. 
I used to like Pikachu alot back in my schooldays, so I was really tempted to buy alot of products from this shop. 

Apologies to people who don't like Pokemon, since most of the pics for this blogpost are pokemon-related. 

This also happens to be the 1st of the 3 pokemon shops which we will come across on this trip. 

I bought 1 of these...

Bought this too.

Just a few steps away from the Pokemon shop, we came across a Rascal store too. 

Finally left Sunshine City, and the skies were already dark by then. Time to look for dinner. 

Since my brother loves Go! Go! Curry, so we went to a nearby outlet for our dinner.

It is located somewhere between Sunshine City and Ikebukuro station so it was convenient for us.

Walking around, looking for the Go Go Curry store.

Found it! 

Order from the vending machine. Then pass the order ticket to the staff to process your order. 
Brief explanation for ordering via the vending machine for those who don't understand Japanese:
The rows are sizes selection (small portion, medium portion, large portion, extra large portion). 
And the columns are the different types, eg. column 1 is pork cutlet, column 2 is chicken cutlet...
The bottom row (with individual pics) are the toppings which you can choose to add-on.

Small seating capacity. Only counter seats.

My order. Katsu curry rice. The rice is beneath the curry. I ordered small portion so this is 730yen I think.

After dinner, we went to Ikebukuro station to take the JR Yamanote Loop line train back to Ueno station where we then had to transfer to JR Joban line to reach our hotel.  

Saw these really cute cup ramen sold at the convenience store
 Still feeling peckish, so decided to go to a nearby supermarket to buy Katsu don (I almost always have a bowl of katsudon on the 1st day of all my Japan trips) 

As well as a fried rice onigiri (riceball) from 7-11 convenience store (which is my fav onigiri).
my fav fried rice onigiri from 7-11.

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