Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 21 (12/4/07): Lucerne to St Goar

Timeline of the day:
8:55am: gathered and left Pilatus
9:55am: left cable car station at Lucerne
11:12am: crossed Germany border
11:45am to 12:30pm: service stop
2:40pm to 2:50pm: toilet stop
4:30pm: reached hotel at St Goar
5:15pm: visited Beer stein shop
7:15pm: dinner at hotel
8:35pm: wine tasting session near hotel
9:40pm: back to hotel.

Spendings of the day:
Lunch at service stop: Wiener schnitzel €8.90
Toilet: €0.50
Toilet: €0.50
Toilet: €0.50
Snacks: Chips and mineral water €5.70
Toilet: €0.50
Toilet: €0.50
Chocolate: €0.25 (used 2 toilet coupons to offset €1 from the price)
Postage stamps: €1 x 4 = €4
Postcards: €1.60
Gelato: €0.70 + €1.40 = €2.10
Chocolate biscuits: €1.99

Posting a postcard at Mt Pilatus before we left
bye bye switzerland

 Heading for Germany...

look at the variety of Pringles at the service stop

Service stop

To use the toilet at the German service stop, you have to purchase a coupon for €0.50 and slot the coupon into the turn-gate at the toilet entrance.  You can use this coupon as a €0.50 credit when you purchase items from the service stop after you have used their toilet.
Toilet coupon dispenser

Used the toilet coupons (1 for me, 1 for Alf) to "purchase" a bar of  €1 chocs

Arriving St Goar in Germany.
More info on St Goar on wikipedia.

Our hotel for the night

saw another Contiki bus.

our room

Streets of St Goar

View from our room

view from our room

hotel's narrow staircase...we (well, Alf) had to lug our heavy suitcases up 3 levels.


the shop that sells loads of beer steins

mailed a postcard here
the street just in front of our hotel

Ice cream

Contiki included dinner at hotel

Rice :)


Heading for wine tasting session

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