Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 24 (15/4/07): Amsterdam to London

dropping some people off at the airport

on our way again

our 1 and only McDonald's meal in Europe at a service stop

glimpse into Belgium (I think)

lunch on board the ferry from Calais to Dover

15p (about S$0.45) per pack of sauce

And we're back to Dover in England


heavy traffic

Pink car

traffic jam into London

Back to where we started 22 days Royal National Hotel in Russell Square

Spent 22 memorable days on the bus...

Russell Square - the view from our hotel room at Imperial Hotel (same hotel we stayed at before we left for the Contiki trip) and it's just diagonally across the road from Royal National Hotel.

view from hotel room

our room at Imperial hotel


bought take-out back to hotel room.

went to a nearby Tesco to buy food for breakfast the next day.

This is nice

what we bought from Tesco

I love these.... 

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