Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 8: Kyoto *part 2*

Go to Kyoto Part 1

After lunch at Kyoto station, we took the subway and headed for Kitaoji station, which is the nearest station to Kinkakuji.
Taking subway to Kitaoji station, then transferring to bus for Kinkakuji

The bus stop at Kitaoji station

There's signs like these on the ground at Kitaoji station. Just follow it from the subway  and you will arrive at this bus stop.

Taking bus towards Kinkakuji. About 15-20mins journey

Press button to alight

flat rate of 220yen for adults, 110yen for children


Buying entrance tickets

Entrance tickets to Kinkakuji

There was a fire drill at Kinkakuji.  Saw many firemen around.

Fire drill at Kinkakuji.

We didn't had the patience to walk to bus stop then take bus to Kitaoji station. So we boarded a taxi instead. :)

Kitaoji station

We had drinks at this cafe at the basement of a dept next to Kitaoji station before we took the subway back to Kyoto station.

Buying snacks from Kyoto station

We bought from this stall. They seemed to have many branches. They are called "551".  I love their shrimp shiumai (dumplings).

New Miyako Hotel, where we stayed. Just opposite Kyoto Station.

Go to Kyoto Part 1

Japan (Jul11) Day 8: Kyoto *part 1*

Day 8: Arashiyama (Bamboo groves), Scenic "Romantic" train, Kinkakuji

Go to Kyoto Part 2

Took early morning train from Kyoto station to Saga Arashiyama station.
JR Saga Arashiyama station
Before we left the station for the nearby bamboo groves, we walked to the Scenic train ticketing counter (located in the building next to the JR Saga Arashiyama station) to purchase our Scenic train tickets for the departure that's 1hr later.  That should give us enough time to walk to Bamboo groves and walk back here to board the train.

Map of the area

While walking from the Saga Arashiyama station direction, you will come across this building. The entrance to the bamboo grove is along a small path next to this building. 

Entrance to the bamboo grove

A shrine in the midst of the Bamboo grove

Scenic Train (entire journey took about 35mins for 1 way)
Boarding the Scenic "Romantic" Train.

2nd station

3rd station

Last station of the Scenic train

After walking for about 10mins from the Scenic train station, we finally arrived at the JR station to take JR train (Saga line) back to Kyoto station

Train schedule

The train door won't open at every stop. If you see this light on, press button to open the door if you want to alight.
Lunch at Kyoto station before heading for Kinkakuji

Go to Kyoto Part 2