Japan 2012 (Dec)

Yes yes, I know, I am crazy for going Japan again, esp since I have a Japan trip in Sep 2012.
For this trip, I will be going with my 2 aunts and their families, and I will be kind of like a tourguide to them.

Here's the schedule:

17/12 : Singapore to Tokyo via Hong Kong (Part 1)
18/12: Tokyo (Disneysea) (Part 1 / Part 2)
19/12: Tokyo (Giant Gundam + One Piece shop) (Part 1)
20/12: Day trip to Yokohama (Part 1 / Part 2)
21/12: Tokyo to Nagano, Nagano to Yudanaka (Part 1)
22/12: Yudanaka to Nagano (Part 1)
23/12: Day trip to Narai and Matsumoto (Part 1 Narai / Part 2 Matsumoto)
24/12: Nagano to Nozawa onsen (Part 1)
25/12: Nozawa onsen (Part 1)
26/12: Nozawa onsen to Shibu onsen (Part 1)
27/12: Shibu onsen to Tokyo
28/12: Tokyo to Singapore

Already booked:
Flight: Cathay Pacific $742.60 per pax (inclusive tax)

Rail pass: 4 day flexi JR-East Rail Pass (20000yen = S$314)

17 to 20/12: Sunroute Ariake hotel at Odaiba Tokyo 46000yen for 4 nights
21/12: Yorozuya Annex Yurakuan at Yudanaka onsen Nagano 18900yen (include breakfast and dinner)
22 to 23/12: Chisun Grand Nagano at Nagano 17040yen for 3 nights (room only)
24/12: Nakajimaya ryokan at Nozawa onsen Nagano 14000yen (room only)
25/12: Nozawa Grand Hotel at Nozawa onsen Nagano 26100yen (room only, with ensuite open air bath)
26/12: Koishiya Ryokan at Shibu Onsen Nagano 12600yen (room only)


  1. hi samantha
    stumbled upon ur wonderful travelblog while in search for my upcoming japan trip.
    is there any way i can contact u via email? wil be heading to japan next mth with 2 young kids. nd to seek advice from experience-u ;)

  2. Hi Samantha, I love reading your blog. The pictures and posts are always well organised, detailed and intersting. I always got very tempted to re-visit Japan after reading your posts. Hope to read your Dec 2012 post soon.

  3. Thank you.
    I am about to start uploading some post for my Dec trip soon. :)