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(Japan Oct 2016) Day 13: Visit Tokyo (Harajuku and Kichijoji)

Day 13 (12 Oct 2016): Visit Tokyo (Harajuku and Kichijoji). Stay Tokyo

I apologize for my long absence.  
I'm finally back to updating this blog and hopefully I can complete uploading the rest of this trip (as well as 3 other trips which I had in 2017) before I leave on my next Japan trip in Feb 2018.  :)

So, anyway, back to the topic.

On this day, while my hubby was still sleeping in our hotel room at Shinjuku, I snuck out to Harajuku for another quick visit.  :)

1 of the shops selling un-official Johnny's idols' pics

If you walk into this small alley (Le Ponte), you will find a shop at the end selling some unofficial Johnny's merchandise as well.

This shop.

There's also a shop along the main Takeshita Dori street that sells Johnny's related pins too. 
Kanjani8, Hey! Say! JUMP pins...

After my quick Harajuku visit, I went back to Shinjuku to meetup with my hubby, and we headed to Kichijoji for lunch.
From JR Shinjuku station, take the JR Chuo line direct to Kichijoji.
This is our first time visit to Kichijoji and I loved that neighbourhood.

From Kichijoji station, we took a short walk towards the Inokashira Park's direction.
There were many quaint shops/cafes along the way.

Over here, there's a German Sausage Shop that was once featured in a Japanese TV program (Yan Yan JUMP) back in 2012 hosted by my favourite Japanese idol (Yabu Kota from Hey! Say! JUMP), so that's why I chose to come here to see if the shop is still here since it's on the way from Kichijoji station to Inokashira Park.
Screenshot from Yan Yan JUMP (2012.07.01 telecast)

Screenshot from Yan Yan JUMP (2012.07.01 telecast)

Screenshot from Yan Yan JUMP (2012.07.01 telecast)

After a short break, we went to Inokashira Park for a stroll.
Screenshot from Yan Yan JUMP (2012.07.01 telecast)

Inokashira Park is a pretty large park with a zoo as well as activities such as the swan boats that you see in the photo below.  But, apparently, there seemed to be a belief that couples who ride on these swan boats together will end up separating, probably that's why we tend to only see parent and children on these swan boats.  

Entrance to the zoo at Inokashira Park. 

After spending some time relaxing at Inokashira Park, we headed back to Kichijoji station's area.

Donki store near Kichijoji Station

 Near Kichijoji station is another shop where Yan Yan JUMP tv program.
This shop sells Tare Katsu don (sauce pork cutlet with rice) which is a speciality from Niigata prefecture.

Screenshot from Yan Yan JUMP (2012.07.01 telecast)

Screenshot from Yan Yan JUMP (2012.07.01 telecast)

Screenshot from Yan Yan JUMP (2012.07.01 telecast)
Screenshot from Yan Yan JUMP (2012.07.01 telecast)

Look at how thin and crispy the pork cutlets are! 

Since my hubby already had a hotdog earlier on, so he chose to just have katsu sandwich for now.

After our late lunch, we continued exploring Kichijoji.  

flaky croissant taiyaki 

This stall selling croquettes near the Harmonica alley opposite Kichijoji station is very popular.  There seems to be always a long queue at this stall.  
 Harmonica Yokocho (alley) is a series of small alleyways with small stalls located just across Kichijoji station.

Back to Kichijoji station.
 After our visit to Kichijoji, we headed back to Shinjuku where we had kushikatsu (fried skewers) buffet at a Kushiya Monogatari branch at ground floor of Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. 

Both of us love fried food as well as buffet.  So we really enjoyed our time at Kushiya Monogatari (nope, this is not a paid advertorial.  hahaha)

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