Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 7 (29/3/07): Lyon to Nice (and Monaco)

Timeline of the day:
6:30am: wakeup call
7:15am: breakfast
7:45am: board coach
9:43am: Louis and Ricky bought almond bars for everyone
10:36am: arrived at Avignon
12:25pm: left Avignon
2:15pm: service stop
3:50pm: reached hotel at Nice
5:30pm: set off for Monaco
6:30pm: arrived at Monaco
7:15pm: dinner at restaurant
9pm: finished dinner
9:20pm: arrived at Monte Carlo casino
10:50pm: boarded coach
11:40pm: arrived back at hotel

Spendings of the day:
Ham & Cheese crepe: €3.80
Contiki optional dinners and special side tours: €221 (for 2 pax)
Monaco souvenir coin: €2
Monte Carlo casino chips (we didnt cash out some of the chips) & gambling losses: €75 (actual gambling loss was only €10)
Postcard: €0.60

Lovely morning France countryside scenery 
Tour Manager Louis gave these out

Entering Avignon
 We have arrived at Avignon

As usual...dogs everywhere...

Toilet entrance
McDonald's at Avignon
Alf bought a crepe from this shop

Ham and cheese crepe (I think)

Doing self-introduction

Service stop

Little Stowaway

We have arrived at Nice.

Our hotel at Nice

On our way from Nice to Monaco for the evening

We had a short stopover somewhere between Nice and Monaco and we all had a little wine while enjoying the superb view

Yes.  We have arrived at Monaco.

Doggy poo bag

Luxury cars everywhere

what a view...

walking to our dinner place at Monaco

Restaurant where we have our dinner

Ricky, our tour coach driver. 

Louis, our tour manager

What Alf ate...Rabbit meat.

The hash potato patties are very nice.

Formula 1 racetrack.

More fast cars

Monte Carlo casino

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