Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day 1 (23/3/2007) Singapore to London

After 14 hours flight...

To flush toilet at Heathrow Airport...

Finally arrived at Heathrow Airport

Underground Tube station at Heathrow Airport

Our room, Imperial Hotel at Russell Square

view from our hotel room

1st meal at London. :) 

The Tube station near our Hotel (Imperial Hotel)
On our way to the Sylvanian Families shop at Arsenal

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This shop is like heaven to me..

Half Price outlet at the Leicester Square Tube station where I bought our Les Miserables tickets. :)

Fast foods doesn't provide chilli sauce packets, so for us Asians who prefer to eat with chilli sauce, remember to bring some along with you when u travel.

Nice and juicy...

Pretty decent Jap food from this shop near the Chinatown area

one of my fav author's book

text on postcard:
It's such a relief to get off the plane in London.  You'll know what I mean when you spend 14 hrs in the tail feeling the full effects of every pitch and yaw the pilot makes. *Giddy*. The first taste of how "warm" London is, comes when you exit the plance and walk thru the docking bay into Heathrow Airport terminal.  Makes me real glad I decided to "suit up" inside the plane.  Here I learn that denim, by itself, is not a good thermal insulater.  I learned that their "tube" or transport system is called "underground", literally.  We paid the fare to Russell Square station, where the hotel is, at £4 each.  That's like paying S$12 each for taking MRT!!  Later we got smarter and got the Oyster card, their version of our EZ-link.  That was so much more wallet friendly, at £2 per trip.

I hate long flights! 13½hrs! Very glad to finally get off the plane.  It is 6 degrees C today and COLD!  After reaching Imperial Hotel around 7:30am, we went in search of breakfast (donut and ribena for me). And in the afternoon, we went to SF (Sylvanian Families) shop at Arsenal area! Took many pics and bought a door hanger and 4 figurines.  Dream came true!  Then we went Leicester Square to try to buy cheap Les Miserables tix, but there's only £3-£5 discount. sp we decided to come again another day.  Then we had lunch at KFC and then walked round the area to Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown.  Since it begin to rain and I'm very tired, so we went back hotel (bought 2 pizzas) around 6pm and I fell asleep almost immediately.  Then woke up at 4:30am, took a panadol, realised that my mucus had blood, and wrote this.

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