Monday, October 14, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 10 Anime Fest + Hama Rikyu (Part 2)

After Anime Fair at Odaiba,  I went to Hama Rikyu garden near Shiodome station where there are some nice Sakura trees. It's a lovely place to spend a leisurely afternoon.
Lunch at Venus Fort at Odaiba.
 A short walk from Shiodome station is the Hama Rikyu garden.

Some sakura trees at Hama Rikyu

Was surprised to come across a lovely field of yellow flowers (not sure which type) at Hama Rikyu.

After Hama Rikyu, I somehow found my way to the 46th floor of a nearby building (diagonally opposite Hama Rikyu) in search of some nice top view of the garden.

Top view of Hama Rikyu
The field of yellow flowers
Tsukiji Market
 Feeling hungry (and feet aching), so decided to just spend some time for an early dinner at this Hokkaido cuisine restaurant on the same level of the building. Love the view. Since I still had some meal vouchers left (given to me as part of my winning the photo contest), so I went ahead and splurged abit on this meal since it's nearing the end of this trip.
Check out the view at my table

The view

Can see Tokyo Skytree too

Place order from this tablet

Appetizers: Some cheesy snacks

Ramen and Gyoza

 After dinner, I went to Ueno station (where I had to transfer to another train) and spent some time looking at the many cute panda themed desserts and cakes.

End of day 10.

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 10 Anime Fest + Hama Rikyu (Part 1)

0900-0950 Took train from Minami Senju to Tokyo Big Sight at Odaiba.
1005-1300 Anime Fair 
1315-1320 Kokusai Tenjijo Seimon station to Aomi station.
1330-1415 Lunch at Venus Fort
1420-1430 Aomi to Shiodome station
1430-1545 Hama Rikyu garden
1615-1745 Dinner at 46th Floor of building near Shiodome station, diagonally opposite Hama Rikyu.
1800-1815 Arrive at Ueno station
1815-1845 Shopped around Ueno station for panda stuffs
1845-1900 Ueno station to Minami Senju station
1910 Arrive back at hotel

This morning, I went to the Anime Fest held at Odaiba. Had to buy the tickets in advanced from a Lawson convenience store a few days before going.

 Was surprised to find a small booth for Sylvanian Families here as well. Totally unexpected :)

Storyboard for Naruto's Road to Ninja movie

Dragonball Z

Anpanman show

Gundam Cafe 

Trafalgar Law

Luffy preparing to jump off as well.

Luffy jumping off backstage

Vying for the meat "niku"

Took this game card, and went to 4 different booths to check out the secret word. 

Used the completed game card to exchange for this folder