Japan (Oct 2013)

Didn't actually planned on going this trip, but the promo rates for SQ was too tempting (S$699, inclusive tax). :)

So this time, I'll be heading on a 12days solo trip to Japan from end Oct to early Nov 2013.

Day 1 26/10: (Part 1)
Arrival at Kansai Airport. Stay at Osaka

Day 2 27/10: (Part 1)
Osaka. Stay at Osaka

Day 3 28/10: (Part 1 / Part 2 )
Daytrip to Ise's Okage Yokocho and Inner Shrine. Stay at Osaka

Day 4 29/10: (Part 1)
Domestic flight from Kansai Airport to Sapporo via Peach Airlines (6005yen). Stay at Sapporo

Day 5 30/10: (Part 1)
Daytrip to Otaru. Stay at Hakodate

Day 6 31/10: (Part 1 Onuma-koen / Part 2 Hirosaki)
Visit Onuma-koen and Hirosaki. Overnight train Akebono from Hirosaki to Tokyo Ueno.

Day 7 1/11: (Part 1 Karuizawa / Part 2 Shibukawa + J-World)
Visit Karuizawa + Shibukawa + J-World. Stay at Tokyo

Day 8 2/11: (Part 1)
Visit Yokohama + Tokyo. Overnight train Sunrise Seto from Tokyo to Yonago.

Day 9 3/11: (Part 1)
Yonago to Tottori. Visit Tottori. Stay at Tottori

Day 10 4/11: (Part 1)
Tottori to Kinosaki onsen. Stay at Kinosaki onsen

Day 11 5/11: (Part 1 Toyosato / Part 2 Nagahama)
Kinosaki onsen to Kyoto. Visit Toyosato and Nagahama. Stay at Kyoto

Day 12 6/11: (Part 1)
Visit Kyoto. Kyoto to Kansai Airport.

International Flight (by Singapore Airlines): promo rate S$699 (include tax)

Domestic Flight (1 way Osaka Kansai to Hokkaido Shin Chitose, by Peach Airlines): 6005yen (include tax)
 -add additional 1600yen for check in luggage

7day JR Pass: 28300yen (S$370 based on the exchange rate on the day of purchase)

5day Kintetsu Rail Pass: 3700yen (bought at Kansai Airport)

B-mobile data sim card (1GB version, can use for up to 14days or until 1GB is used up): 3980yen

26/10, 27/10, 28/10 (3 nights): Osaka's Hotel Raizen South, 5600yen for 3 nights (1900yen per night)
29/10 (1 night): Sapporo's Aspen Hotel, 5000yen for 1 night.
30/10 (1 night): Hakodate's Smile Hotel, 2700yen for 1 night
31/10 (Overnight train Akebono): Free bunks for JR Pass holders were all full, so I had to top up 6300yen for a paid bunk.
1/11 (1 night): Tokyo's Palace Japan Hotel, 3500yen for 1 night
2/11 (Overnight train Sunrise Seto): Free bunk for JR Pass holder.
3/11 (1 night): Tottori's Toyoko Inn Tottori Eki Minami guchi, 5480yen for 1 night
4/11 (1 night): Kinosaki Onsen's Kawaguchiya Honkan, 6300yen for 1 night
5/11 (1 night): Kyoto's Piece Hostel, 3900yen for 1 night

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