Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day 9 (31/3/07): Nice to Florence (via Pisa)

Timeline of the day:
6:30am: morning call
7:15am: breakfast
7:59am: depart hotel
8:30am: reached French Perfumery
9:15am: left French Perfumery
9:40am: crossed Italian border (in a tunnel)
11:30am: service stop
12:15pm: set off again
1:50pm reached Pisa
3:19pm: left Pisa
4:50pm: reached Hotel at Florence
6pm: drive to Florence city center and to dinner location
10:15pm: gathered to take Contiki coach back to hotel
10:45pm: arrived at hotel
11:10pm: used hotel's internet terminal

Spendings of the day:
toilet: €0.30 x 2 = €0.60
A slice of pizza at service stop: €3.30
Pisa souvenir coin: €2
Postcard from Pisa: €0.60
Gelato at Pisa: €1.80 (2 scoops)
Magnet from Pisa: €2
Pepsi at dinner place: €2
Gelato at Florence: €2.50 x 2 = €5
Drinks at Pub (Red Garden): €3 x 2 = €6
Fries at Pub (Red Garden): €2.50
Internet at hotel: €5 

Leaving Nice...

check out the view from our coach

visited a French Perfumery

poor Ricky washing the coach while waiting for us at the French Perfumery


our share

waiting outside French Perfumery while waiting for everyone to be ready

went past Monaco

pizza from a service stop at Italy

service stop

what Alf ate here. 

 We arrived at Pisa.  The coach had to park at a large carpark quite a distance away from the Leaning Tower of Pisa so we had to walk.  The moment we alighted from the coaches, we were being approached by many touts selling imitation watches, bags, sunglasses..etc.  

fellow tourmates doing weird poses... :)

Alf, Zhoushang, James too...
this is the end product :)

actually, we weren't supposed to be on the grass patch...but no one seems to take notice of this sign.

people queuing to go up the tower

yum! very nice and creamy gelato from the last stall of the stretch (1 of the stalls that is closest to the tower)

And we are off again...

our room for Florence

had this weird balcony linked to our room

view from our balcony

Off for our drive to the Florence city center

narrow streets

Contiki included dinner for the day

our 2nd gelato for the day.
 Went to a pub for the evening. 
tourmates singing

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