Monday, April 2, 2007

Day 11 (2/4/07): Florence to Rome

Timeline of the day: 
9am: set off
10:40am: service stop
11:25am: set off again
1:10pm: driver had to buy a pass for the bus to be driven within Rome
1:40pm: reached hotel
3:30pm: set off to Rome city center for walking tour
6:30pm: break off from the contiki group to have dinner on our own.
8:30pm: gather to take contiki coach back to hotel
9:15pm: arrive at hotel.

Spendings of the day:
Lunch at service stop: €3.50 (Sfizioso)
Snacks: chips, spicy twistee €2.40
Total gelato of the day: €7
Dinner: €28 (for Alf and my share)
Postcards: €2
Postage stamps: €6.50
Mineral water and coke: €2.20

look at the size


At a service stop

what Alf ate

Our Rome Hotel

view from our room's balcony

has a little kitchenette


Zhoushang and Jiawen came over to cook instant noodles using Alf's metal mess tin :)

our hotel at Rome

And we are off for our drive into Rome city center.  Pics taken from on-board the contiki coach.

Start of our walking tour...

the steps

our TM

postage stamps are usually sold at places with "Tabacchi" signs

Gelato #1 of the day



we had our dinner here with Zhoushang, Jiawen and James. 

Radiator (i think)

I ate this

gelato #2 of the day.  Best gelato I had on the trip.

gelato #3 of the day (bought from the same shop where I got my #2) 

Vatican City.  We will come back the next day.

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