Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 20 (11/4/07): Lucerne

All photos on this entry (except the one of the swiss army knives) are contributed by James, Zhoushang, Jiawen, Jodie and Matt. (Thank You)
Why?  Because I stupidly (very) erased my memory card without backing it up on my portable hard disk so I lost ALL the photos taken on this particular day. 

Yes, I'm still kicking myself over this till this day.  -_-

To my fellow Contiki mates: Could you email me some pics taken on this day to my email please??

Timeline of the day:
9:10am to 9:50am:  cable car ride down Mt Pilatus
10:45am: arrived at Lucerne after a short bus ride. (spent most of the time walking to the bus stop near the cable car station)
12:30pm: lunched with Yuli and James.  
3pm: gathered at Lucerne bus stop to head back to our hotel up on Mt Pilatus
6pm: dinner time at hotel
8pm: movie screening at the old hotel (the gladiators)

Spendings of the day:
Erm...somehow I didn't note down our spendings for this day too.  

taking cable car down from Mt Pilatus to Lucerne

Sheeps lazing around
Took public bus from cable car station to Lucerne.  Sights of the residential area of Lucerne.


Streets of Lucerne

The famous bridge at Lucerne

Many ducks and swans.  Very very crystal clear waters in the pond.
Water so clear that you can see through to the bottom.

We had lunch here.

Chocolate Fondue

back at Mt Pilatus

Dinner time

we bought these from Lucerne.  

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