Monday, April 9, 2007

Day 17 (8/4/07): Vienna to Munich

Timeline for the day:
7:41am: set off
9:40am: arrive at Mauthausen Concentration Camp
11:35am: left Mauthausen
12:55pm to 1:40pm: service stop at Mondsee
4pm: arrive at hotel in Munich
5:30pm: set off from hotel for Munich city center via contiki coach
5:50pm: arrive at city center.  Free and easy.
timing a blur from this point onwards: Had dinner, visited a Beer hall, bought supper.
9:30pm: took train
9:50pm: arrived station near our hotel
10pm: arrived our hotel
10:10pm: watched LOTR on TV while eating my Burger King supper :)

Spendings for the day:
chicken burger at service stop: €5.10
toilet: €0.50
Dinner: €21.90 for our share.
Tips at dinner: €3
Beer Hall coin: €6.60
Gelato: €2
Postcard: €0.80
Postcard: €0.60
Burger King supper: €8.57 (crispy chicken burger set meal + 9pcs nuggets)
Train tix: €2.20 x 2 = €4.40

Given by our TM

Signage to Mauthausen Concentration Camp
Mauthausen Concentration camp.
Go to my other blog entry for more pics I took at Mauthausen Concentration Camp.
service stop

Ferrari sticker on our Contiki bus

Sound of Music Cathedral

And we've arrived at Germany

our room, another comfy pillow.

Poor Alf had to lug our luggage up the stairs because there's no elevator at this hotel.

Next door neighbour :)

Fridge :)

Our hotel exterior

Street outside our hotel

The mini Pringles which we bought from London day 2 of the trip

Check out the size of the Pringles

And we are off to the city center of Munich


we will be back here later for our dinner.

Dinnertime!! Pork Knuckles

Potato patties :) yum

Alf had pork knuckles, I only had potato patties...

Burger Kings!!  I bought some supper for takeaway here.

I put my Burger Kings supper bag inside Alf's jacket to keep warm for the train journey back. :)

train tickets

vending machines at the train platform

my supper is still inside his jacket :)

After train stops, the door will only open if you wave at this red circle.  

Station nearest to our hotel

Walking back to hotel
Warm supper :)

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