Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day 22 (13/4/07): St Goar to Amsterdam

Timeline of the day:
7:30am: set off from hotel at St Goar
10:50am to 11:35am: service stop
1pm to 1:50pm: Chees and Clog demonstration
2pm to 2:05pm: photo taking at a local windmill
2:20pm: arrive at hotel in Monnickendam near Amsterdam
2:45pm to 5:30pm: walked to explore Monnickendam
6pm: dinner at hotel
7:05pm: set off for tour of red light district in Amsterdam
8pm: optional sex show
9:10pm: visited sex museum, then bought supper at Febo
10:45pm: gathered to take contiki bus back to hotel.  

Spendings of the day:
Postage stamps: €1.76
Lunch at service stop: €13.49 (schnitzel, fries, tart)
Toilet: €0.50 + €0.30 + €0.30
Food at Monnickendam: ??
Sex Museum entrance fees: €3 x 2 = €6
Fries from Febo: €1.60
Milkshake from Febo: €1.80
Burger from Febo: ??

Netherlands :)
food at a service stop in Netherlands

Wiener Schnitzel :)

Clog making and Cheese tasting here

Talking about Cheese

clog making demonstration


a rubbish "bin" for drivers and motorists

Our hotel room at Monnickendam

view outside our ground floor room.

hotel lobby

ducks just outside our room

Nearby town of Monnickendam, within walking distance of our hotel

Pet supplies

cats on window sills...

Snack time

hungry...waiting for food

yummy fries
 All the fries I've eaten in Netherlands are all SOOOoooo GOOD!! When you are in Netherlands, do remember to eat their fries...

Kroketten (Croquette)  Must try!!

inside the croquette

Then we headed back to hotel...for more food! haha...

And we are off for a short drive to Amsterdam!!

Amsterdam :)

some weird car

Multi storey Bicycle Park

And more bicycles

Main street of Amsterdam

Red light district at the area behind these buildings
More info about Amsterdam's Red Light District on wikipedia

A very public urinal for the guys on the streets....A guy was actually using this while our Contiki group was standing next to this listening to our TM talking about Amsterdam.

Starting our venture into the Red Light district. For safety issues, it's best not to take photos from this point onwards during evening onwards.

Inside Sex Museum
I've chosen the "safer" pics to post here.  

Inside the Sex Museum

Then we went next door to Febo to buy some takeaway for supper.  Nice food.

Burgers at Febo.

our 2nd one of the day

Supper in our room with food from Febo.  Nice burger, VERY nice fries.  

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