Japan 2014 (Feb)

Just booked my air tickets yesterday.
This time will be just a short 8days' trip to Kansai region (Kyoto, Osaka..etc.) with my husband's family.

Didn't really take much photos for this trip, since almost all of the places we went to on this trip was just a revisit for me.

It was kind of a last minute trip (booked and planned trip only like 3 weeks before flying) since there was promo for Singapore Airlines (about S$700 per pax inclusive tax) and also it was a trip with my in-laws.  It was their first trip to Japan so I'm kinda like their tourguide. 

Since they left it to me to plan everything and they are very easygoing people, so it was really fun and enjoyable. Furthermore, we had really lovely weather throughout the trip.

My goals for this trip was to let them experience:
- snow (which we did at Hakodateyama ski area at Shiga on day 3)
- old shrines and buildings (day 2 at Kyoto and day 7 at Ise)
- Shinkansen ride (Shin-Osaka to Shin-Kobe on day 3)
- onsen and onsen town (Kinosaki onsen on day 4)
- bustling city-scape (day 5 at Osaka)
- king crab cuisine (we had a few crab meals at Kinosaki onsen, Osaka, and Nagoya)
- deers roaming about freely (day 6 at Nara)

Our itinerary is as such:
Day 1 (15/2): Arrival at Kansai Airport. Stay at Kyoto (Blog entry)
Day 2 (16/2): Visit Kyoto. Stay at Kyoto (Blog entry)
Day 3 (17/2): Visit ski slopes at Shiga region, then go to Kobe. Stay at Kobe. (Blog entry)
Day 4 (18/2): Go to Kinosaki Onsen. Stay at a ryokan at Kinosaki onsen (Blog entry)
Day 5 (19/2): Kinosaki Onsen to Osaka. Stay at Osaka. (Blog entry)
Day 6 (20/2): Daytrip to Nara, then back to Osaka. Stay at Osaka.
Day 7 (21/2): Daytrip to Ise. Stay at Osaka.
Day 8 (22/2): Fly back to Singapore.

The air tickets costs slightly more expensive than the cheapest promo rate because we chose to fly out of Singapore on a Saturday, then fly back on a Saturday as well.
This costs us S$704.30 per pax, which is still considerably much cheaper than their normal rates.

Rail passes which we bought for this trip were:
Haruka + ICOCA package For Haruka Express train on first day and last day.
4 days JR Kansai Area Wide railpass For JR trains for my day 3 to day 6.
Kintetsu railpass Even though this is a 5 day pass, but we were only using this for our trip to Ise and Nagoya on Day 7.

Day 1 and 2 at Kyoto:
Kyoto Dai-Ni Tower Hotel (next to Kyoto station) 40000yen (about S$485) for 2 Twin rooms for total 2 nights.

Day 3 at Kobe:
the b Kobe Hotel (near Sannomiya station) 16200yen (about S$196) for 2 Twin rooms for 1 night.

Day 4 at Kinosaki onsen:
Kinosaki Higashiyamasou ryokan (near Kinosaki onsen station) 51840yen (about S$663) for a room for 4 pax (include dinner and breakfast)

Day 5, 6, 7 at Osaka:
Tennoji Miyako Hotel (opposite Tennoji station) 55200yen (about S$673) for 1 double room + 1 twin room for total 3 nights.

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