Sunday, April 15, 2007

Keukenhof (in Netherlands)

As mentioned in my main blog post for this particular day of the trip, the 5 of us chose to take this short trip out of Amsterdam on our own to visit Keukenhof since our free day in Amsterdam coincides with the Tulips season at Keukenhof..

Wikipedia entry for Keukenhof.

Train station at Amsterdam

insert tix before boarding train

on our way...

Arrived at Leiden Centraal station


Leiden station

directions at Leiden station to the bus to Keukenhof 

the queues for the buses for Keukenhof just in front of Leiden station

buying tickets for the bus and admissions ticket (combo rate) at Leiden train station

our turn to queue for the bus

The bus ticket and Keukenhof admissions ticket

Pics taken during the bus journey have bluish tint since the windows of the bus are bluish...

beautiful flowers during the bus journey

And we are here...!!

Entrance to Keukenhof.


a very drooly dog

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