Tuesday, April 30, 2019

(Japan Sep 2018) Day 5: Visit Matsushima

Day 5 (19 Sep 2018) : Visit Sendai

Vending machine selling Data-SIM cards outside the tourist info office at JR Sendai station.

Early in the morning, we took a train (JR Senseki line, 39mins, 410yen) from Sendai station to MatsushimaKaigan station to visit Matsushima Bay.

Matsushima Bay is known to be 1 of Japan's top 3 scenic views (together with Miyajima and Amanohashidate).  If you happen to visit Miyagi/Sendai area, I recommend a visit to Matsushima Bay since it's very easily accessible from Sendai city.

MatsushimaKaigan Station
 From MatsushimaKaigan station, it is actually a short 10-15mins walk to various attractions around the area.  

Since Hey! Say! JUMP (my fav Jpop group) was doing a campaign to promote Miyagi prefecture, so we kept coming across their promotional posters. :)

Hello HSJ!!
We came across a store where we can grill our own Kamaboko (fish paste).  
There are actually quite a few stores here that allows you to grill them yourself, but the one that we went was this one.

We paid for the Kamaboko, and sat down at an empty seat in front of the grill and grill it for awhile (5-10mins? Sorry, I can't remember how long exactly) until it browns.

And it's about ready!

Hello HSJ again...!

The approach towards Zuiganji. The trees are so tall!

Hello HSJ, I see you guys again!!

We didn't enter Zuiganji. So we just took some photos from the outside and also of the surroundings.

Sorry for spamming this poster...but I can't help it.  Hello HSJ again! 

Since we are not going to take the ferry to view Matsushima Bay, so we decided to go to a viewing platform to view the area. There's a small admission fee to go up (was it 300yen? I think.) and the stairs are pretty steep though.

Climb stairs all the way up to the top floor

small resting area at the top.

And here are the views from the top floor.

Matsushima Bay

Next stop, we cross the road to reach Godaido.

One of the reasons why we chose to come to Godaido, is because this guy from HSJ took this pic from the famous bridge here.  :)

Godaido is actually a pretty small place, so we didn't spend too much time here.

It was such a hot day, so we decided to try to find something cold to eat on our walk back to the station.

Ahh....soft serve!! Perfect for such a hot day!! 

And pretty soon, we were back at Sendai station after the 40mins train ride from MatsushimaKaigan station.
Sendai Station.

For the rest of the day, we just kind of chilled and shopped in the area near Sendai station.
We had lunch (ramen) and then spend some time shopping in the Loft store and Don Quijote store for the rest of the day.

Shopping at Loft. Loft is actually 1 of my fav shopping stores (they have quite a number of outlets across Japan) for souvenir shopping.  It is kind of similiar to Tokyu Hands, if you are more familiar with Tokyu Hands.

Shopping at Don Quijote.  Don Quijote (also known as Donki) is a chain of outlets that sells discounted goods and they usually opens for 24hrs (not all stores though).  

oh, hello HSJ again.  
 Since my friend Sandy is craving for pasta for dinner, so we had dinner at this pretty inexpensive cafe before calling it a night.

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