Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 23 (14/4/07): Amsterdam

breakfast area at the hotel

Bicycle park

On our way to take the train for Keukenhof Park
 Keukenhof is the world's largest flower garden and the best time to see the Tulips is around mid April (which happens to be the period when we are in Netherlands).  On this free day in Amsterdam, while the rest of the contiki group explores more of Amsterdam, we decided to make our own way to Keukenhof together with James, Zhoushang and Jiawen instead.  Keukenhof is only open for 2 to 3 months every year but Amsterdam will be available all we went Keukenhof :)

Wikipedia entry for Keukenhof.

Anyway...back to our train journey starting from Amsterdam...

After a train ride and a bus journey later....we are at Keukenhof!

Since there's too many photos to be squeezed into 1 blog post, so I've dedicated a separate entry for Keukenhof.

Just some of the many pics taken in Keukenhof

sitting at the last row of the bus on our way back to train station after Keukenhof. 

sitting at the last row of the bus on our way back to train station after Keukenhof.


train station

Lunch on the train journey back to Amsterdam

CHICKEN FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!
 Back at Amsterdam


Heading towards Red Light district to have a better look in the daytime.

sex shops in the Red light district

not sure if these are space cakes....but be careful of what you eat in case you eat space cakes unknowingly.  "Space cakes" are a term for food products with cannabis.

Red light district in the day

Still in the Red Light district

Glass windows where prostitutes will be at during the night times to try to get customers.

more glass windows at the Red Light district

Amsterdam's coffeeshop is not the usual coffeeshop or cafe we are used to.

out of the Red Light district and back to the main streets of Amsterdam

erm...turd (shit) figurines

more turds

we tried to take the local bus back to our hotel since we had missed the contiki bus set off time from Amsterdam to Hotel....however the local bus's waiting time took too long and we had to be back to hotel in time before the Contiki bus leaves hotel for our optional dinner (which we already paid).

So...we took a cab back to hotel.  We sat silently throughout this trip and watched the numbers climb.  

The cab we took 
 Heading for dinner at a restaurant in Volendam.
Wikipedia entry for Volendam

We made it on the Contiki bus :)


we had our final dinner of the Contiki trip at this restaurant

This soup is nice

love the fish
 Miss ya all....

what Alf had

what I had :)

strolling back from restaurant after our dinner to our Contiki bus

Sunset during our bus journey from Volendam to Amsterdam
 Back to Amsterdam....heading for our evening Canal cruise

I think this bottle is still sitting somewhere in my cupboard right now

think he's getting tipsy... :)

Jodie :)

Everyone's going nuts on the Contiki bus ride from Amsterdam back to hotel after our evening cruise since this is going to be our last evening together.  The tour will be breaking up on the following day since some people will leave the group at Amsterdam while most of us will be heading back London.
dancing Paul

People started dancing...
Then everyone started dancing....


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