Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 8: Kyoto *part 2*

Go to Kyoto Part 1

After lunch at Kyoto station, we took the subway and headed for Kitaoji station, which is the nearest station to Kinkakuji.
Taking subway to Kitaoji station, then transferring to bus for Kinkakuji

The bus stop at Kitaoji station

There's signs like these on the ground at Kitaoji station. Just follow it from the subway  and you will arrive at this bus stop.

Taking bus towards Kinkakuji. About 15-20mins journey

Press button to alight

flat rate of 220yen for adults, 110yen for children


Buying entrance tickets

Entrance tickets to Kinkakuji

There was a fire drill at Kinkakuji.  Saw many firemen around.

Fire drill at Kinkakuji.

We didn't had the patience to walk to bus stop then take bus to Kitaoji station. So we boarded a taxi instead. :)

Kitaoji station

We had drinks at this cafe at the basement of a dept next to Kitaoji station before we took the subway back to Kyoto station.

Buying snacks from Kyoto station

We bought from this stall. They seemed to have many branches. They are called "551".  I love their shrimp shiumai (dumplings).

New Miyako Hotel, where we stayed. Just opposite Kyoto Station.

Go to Kyoto Part 1


  1. your photos send chills down my spine... brings back memories of my trip to japan 6 years ago... great pics! especially love the ones you took of kinkakuji

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    So, since it's been 6 years, maybe it's time to re-visit Japan again? :)

    There's so many places to visit in Japan, try some places where you've yet to visit.

  3. Never been there before, but I just realise how similar Japan's subway station is to that of Seoul's! Even the walls, floor and color!

    Anyway the photos seriously! I hope I can visit Japan someday. I bet Kinkakuji looks even better up front1

  4. Yes. Japan is a nice place to take photos of. The Japanese are friendly and very helpful. You don't need to know any Japanese to get around Japan since there's English signage everywhere. Yes, Kinkakuji looks lovely, and I also love the view from Kiyomizudera (Nov2010 trip).