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Japan (Dec12): Day 3 Tokyo (Gundam + One Piece shop) *Part 1*

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Here's a brief breakdown of the day: 
0930-1030 Giant Gundam at Divercity Odaiba
1030-1100 Tokyo Teleport station to Ginza
1100-1300 Hida Beef Yakiniku at Ginza
1300-1330 Ginza to Shibuya
1400-1500 One Piece shop at Parco Shibuya
1510-1700 Tokyu Hands
1715-1745 Shibuya to Tokyu Teleport
1800-1900 Decks at Odaiba
1930-2000 Gundam illumination at Divercity
2000-2130 Divercity + Dinner + Krispy Kreme donut

While the rest of my family heads for Disneyland, hubby and I went off on our own for a Gundam + One Piece day.  

Since our hotel was located at Odaiba, so we popped by Divercity in the morning to take some daytime shots of the Giant Gundam before heading over to Ginza for our Hida Beef lunch.  Ever since our trip back in July 2011 to Takayama, we fell in love with Hida Beef. But since it's not really common to find Hida Beef, so it took me quite awhile to locate a restaurant in Tokyo which serves Hida Beef.

After lunch, we went Shibuya for shopping at the newly opened One Piece store at Parco Shibuya, and of course not forgetting our fav Tokyu Hands store.

The hubby wanted to catch the Gundam evening illumination back at Odaiba, so we then went back to Odaiba for the evening.

The Strawhats greeted us just as we were about to leave Tokyo Teleport train station.

"Z" and Luffy at Divercity. (I believe this is just for the promo period for Film Z, up till Jan 2013)

shop which sells train related items inside Divercity

Just go out from the exit door at the Divercity food court and you will see this Giant Gundam.

So, after Odaiba, we headed over to Ginza in search for our Hida Beef Yakiniku lunch.
The green doorway is where the restaurant building is located at.  Luckily it's near to the subway exit so we don't have to walk too much in search for it.
11th floor.

There's a few small private rooms, but need to make reservations I think.

Regular Hida Beef 
Premium Hida Beef

Hubby's playing with his food again...

Milk pudding 

6100yen for 1 regular beef set meal (2300yen) and 1 premium beef set meal (3800yen).
 One Piece store at Parco Shibuya (about 10mins walk from Shibuya train station)

After we are done shopping at Shibuya, we tried to avoid the evening rush hour and take an early evening train back to Odaiba. We went to Decks first, since we had some time to kill before the evening illumination show at Divercity.

Found a One Piece film Z road show at Decks as well. Promotional period for Film Z... I think the roadshow will only be around till Jan 2013.

Retro shops at Decks. 
 My hubby went to the toilet on this level at Decks and was surprised to find a sort of peeing game at the urinals. You guys might want to check it out if you happen to go Decks.

Takoyaki food court at Decks

Rainbow bridge

 There's Film Z roadshow at Aquacity as well. Haha. I keep seeing Luffy everywhere today.

Time to head back to Divercity. It was so windy and freezing cold, so I decided to hide at the food court while my hubby headed out to see the illumination show. I only came out in the last 5mins of the show to take some pics before scurrying back into the building again.

My dinner, at Divercity.  

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