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Japan (Oct2013): Day 3 Ise *Part 2

Day 3 (28/10/13): Daytrip to Ise. Stay at Osaka *Part 2

Entering the grounds of Ise's Inner Shrine

People washing hands in the river before entering the shrine

Inner shrine. No photography allowed beyond this point.

After my visit to Inner Shrine, I went back to Oharaimachi and Okage Yokocho in search of lunch. 
Wanted to try Ise Udon since it's a specialty food of Ise area.

There are quite a number of shops selling chopsticks

Went back to this shop at Okage Yokocho, which sells Ise Udon. 

Their menu

Their menu. You have to queue up to place your order first, then they will give you a number tag, after which then you go find a seat and wait for them to call out your number (in japanese).

Inside seating

Outside seating. I chose to sit outside since the weather was nice and cool, and it was interesting sitting under such a rustic shelter while having lunch.
My number tage and receipt.
My seat.

My order arrives. Ise Udon with Tempura. 840yen

 After lunch, I continued to stroll around Okage Yokocho.

Then I headed for the bus stop to wait for the bus to get to the nearby Isuzugawa station. The bus was a tad late so I nearly missed my train.

Took this Ltd Exp Ise Liner train back to Tsuruhashi station in Osaka.

For dinner, I went to Kani Doraku (Dotonbori outlet) for my first crab meal of this trip.


Bought the little rabbit coin pouch from Oharaimachi.

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