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Japan (Oct2013): Day 5 Sapporo and Otaru, then Sapporo to Hakodate

Day 5 (30/10/13): Sapporo and Otaru, then Sapporo to Hakodate. 

Day breakdown:
0615 woke up
0645-0730 Strolled around Hokkaido University, enjoying the autumn colors
0740-0820 Strolled around Sapporo 
0825 Arrived back at hotel with a pack of the cheap 100yen udon for breakfast
1044-1120 Took train from Sapporo to Otaru 
1120-1330 Otaru (since this is like my 3rd time to Otaru, so it was just a quick visit)
1337-1406 Took train from Minami-Otaru station to Sapporo station
1410-1445 Went back to hotel to collect my luggage, then went to Daimaru's food hall to buy some food to eat onboard the train ride to Hakodate
1452-1809 Took Ltd Exp train from Sapporo to Hakodate
1830 Checked in Smile Hotel at Hakodate

100yen Udon for breakfast
1100yen Fried rice + Gyoza for lunch
80yen cream puff at Otaru
130yen bottle of water
147yen Potato croquette from Daimaru food hall
110yen Custard pudding
120yen Can of coffee
430yen Spicy chicken bento for dinner from 7-11
315yen One Piece themed sweet, choc wafer snack, and a bottle of water from 7-11.

Woke up really early so that I can walk to nearby Hokkaido University to take photos of the lovely rows of Ginko trees there before the tourist crowd arrives. I specially chose this hotel so that it is just a short 2mins walk from hotel to the University.
1 of the university's entrances

6plus in the morning, still pretty empty, only some joggers and a few photographers around.

The beautiful row of ginko trees.

After leaving Hokkaido University, I took a short stroll around Sapporo station vicinity before heading back to hotel for a short break before heading out to Otaru again.
Walked past Hotel Gracery near Sapporo station. Stayed here on 1 of my previous trips and loved its location.

Taking the 1044am train to Otaru.

The train which I took to Otaru. There's toilet onboard this train.

Otaru station. Weird seeing this building without the snow since the last time I came here was in mid winter and there was lots of snow everywhere.
Pic taken during my Feb 2012 winter trip. Otaru station.

Pic taken during my Feb 2012 winter trip. Streets of Otaru. 

The railway tracks which are currently not in use. During early Feb in winter, there will be a small snow fest held in this area.
The same railway tracks area during the Otaru snow fest in Feb. Pic taken during my Feb 2012 winter trip. 

Otaru canal in autumn.
Otaru canal in winter. Pic taken during my Feb 2012 winter trip. 

Otaru canal in winter. Pic taken during my Feb 2012 winter trip. 

This street also looks so different without all that snow.
Same street. Pic taken during my Feb 2012 winter trip. 
Had lunch here.
Small shop.

My lunch. Fried rice and gyoza. 1100yen.

Anpanman without snow.
Anpanman with snow. Pic taken during my Feb 2012 winter trip. 

I love the cream puffs on the 2nd level small cafe in this building.

80yen cream puff.  Yummy!

Le Tao.

Music box shop's exterior is under renovation, but the shop is still open as per normal.
All music boxes.

Since this end of the street is nearer to Minami-Otaru station than Otaru station, so I walked to Minami-Otaru station to wait for the 1337hr train to head back to Sapporo.
At Sapporo, I went back to the hotel to collect my luggage then I went to Daimaru Food hall to buy food to munch on for the long train ride to Hakodate.
Potato croquette

My fav custard pudding from convenience stores.
 After a 3hr train ride, I finally arrived at Hakodate. Checked in to Smile hotel (where I've stayed at previously during my Feb 2012 trip) located just opposite Hakodate station. Paid 2700yen for a single room for this 1 night stay which is really cheap! 
The room.
I assumed a talented hotel staff drew this cute Chopper on the hotel's weather update notice board.
 There was a cluster of food stalls behind the hotel, but I didn't felt like eating here since I was really tired by this time due to waking up so early in the morning, so I went to buy my dinner from convenience store back to my room to eat instead.

Most shops were already closed by 6plus in the evening.
KFC fish?

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

My dinner. 430yen. Spicy chicken bento. Nice.

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