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Japan (Oct2013): Day 11 Visit Toyosato and Nagahama (Part 2)

Day 11 (5/11/13): Kinosaki onsen to Kyoto. Visit Toyosato and Nagahama (Part 2).

After my visit to Toyosato, I took the Ohmi line train to Hikone (not to be confused with Hakone), hoping to visit the shops along castle road. 
But then I realised that castle road wasn't really that near to the station, plus I was informed by the tourist info office that many shops were closed on this day...therefore I decided to skip Hikone, and then take the train down a few stations away to nearby Nagahama station.

Awaiting for the train at Hikone station's JR side, to go to Nagahama.

My 7 days JR Pass (28,300yen).
To reach Hikone from Kyoto, take the JR Special Rapid train (direct) and the journey takes about 48mins and costs 1110yen for 1 way.

To reach Nagahama station from Kyoto, just take the JR Special Rapid train (direct) and the journey takes about 70mins and costs 1280yen  for 1 way. 
Since I'm using JR Pass for this trip, therefore my fare is free for JR trains.
Arrival at Nagahama station.
Map of Nagahama station's vicinity. The area which is shaded orange in color is the old town (Kurokabe square) area which I visited. The area is pretty small, but good for a quick visit for me since the sun is going down soon.

Old town area in Nagahama. This area is called Kurokabe Square.
 Best to visit earlier in the day, since many shops were closed during my visit in the late afternoon.

Glass museum (and shop) at Kurokabe Square in Nagahama. This used to be a bank building in Meiji period.

Before catching my train at Nagahama station, I went to a 7-11 to find some snacks since I just realised that I missed lunch entirely.
Saw these at the 7-11

Bought a crab croquette
 From Nagahama station, I had to catch a train to Maihama station where I then had to transfer to a short Shinkansen ride back to Kyoto station.

Taking this JR train to Maihama station from Nagahama.

At Maihama station.

Taking this Shinkansen from Maihama back to Kyoto.
Upon arriving at Kyoto station, time to look for dinner. Felt like having some Tonkatsu (fried pork fillet), therefore I decided to have my dinner at this restaurant at Kyoto station (located above Isetan dept store) .

 After a somewhat long and tiring day, I headed for my accommodation for the night, which is Piece Hostel located near Kyoto station. I booked a private single room for 3900yen for my 1 night stay (shared toilet).
My room. Comfy bed.

Hostel's lobby area.

Hostel's lobby area. You can see the shared kitchen area at the back.

Shared computer units at the lobby area.
 Took a 3mins walk to nearby convenience store. 

Yeah, this is Tofu.

Gomu Gomu bun. Limited Edition product from 7-eleven.

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