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(Japan Jan 2015) Day 5: Osaka to Tokyo. Visit Tokyo. Stay at Tokyo

Day 5 (27/1): Osaka to Tokyo. Visit Tokyo. Stay at Tokyo

This day's itinerary:
(Day 4 of our 14 days JR Railpass)
0840-1140 Shin-Osaka to Tokyo via Shinkansen
1152-1157 Tokyo to Ueno via Shinkansen
Walk 5mins to our hotel near Ueno station
Ueno to Akihabara via JR Yamanote Loop line (4mins)
Have lunch at Katsu-ya outlet
Visit Yodobashi Camera store at Akihabara
Akihabara to Shinjuku via JR Chuo line (18mins)
Visit Shinjuku
Shinjuku to Kanda via JR Chuo line Rapid train (11mins)
Kanda to Ueno via JR Yamanote Loop line (6mins)

Since my brother was complaining about waking up early for the past few days, so instead of my original plan of taking 1st Shinkansen of the day to Tokyo (which will depart Shin-Osaka at 6:08am and arrive Tokyo at 9:10am), we took a later train which departs Shin-Osaka at 8:40am instead.

On the way to Tokyo onboard the Shinkansen, we managed to catch a view of Mt Fuji.

After arriving at Tokyo and depositing our luggage at the hotel, we headed out to Akihabara to find find some lunch. 
Since my brother and I love Katsu-don (Fried Pork Cutlet with egg gravy on Rice), so I decided to bring him to an inexpensive chain store called "Katsu-ya" which has a menu mainly concentrated on fried pork cutlets (Tonkatsu).

The Katsu-ya outlet where we went to is located just next to a Yoshinoya outlet, and is also opposite to Akihabara's large Yodobashi Camera store.




Side order, Ebi Fry.

After lunch, we just crossed the road and visited the large Yodobashi Camera store at Akihabara. Spent nearly 2hrs here. Heh.
Not all Yodobashi Camera stores are as large as this outlet, some are somewhat smaller.

This entire building is the Yodobashi Camera store at Akihabara.
Contrary to what its name suggests, Yodobashi Camera (as well as BIC Camera) stores do not only sell Cameras. They sell many other electronics and accessories. 
Their larger outlets have stuffs like hobbies collectible stuffs (train sets, remote controlled stuffs, anime figurines...etc...), toys, stationary, travel luggage bags, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, gachapons...etc...

See the photos below for a sample of what a typical large Yodobashi Camera store sells.

These are all Anpanman stuffs

Cute batteries. Too bad these aren't rechargeable.

SD/CF card cases
And more SD/CF card cases

I really love the large range of camera bags that's available. In Singapore, it's difficult to find such a large variety from 1 single store.

Check out the large variety of luggage bags

After leaving Akihabara, we went to Shinjuku. 

Had dinner at a Kani Douraku branch near Shinjuku station.
Kani Douraku is a chain of restaurants that's specializes on crab cuisines.  

Near Shinjuku subway station, we came across a cake shop that sells cakes which resembles actual foods like Oden, Sushi, Tenjin rice...etc. But it's too bad that by the time we arrived, only Tenjin Rice cake is left. All others are sold out.
Only this cake is left.
After returning back to Ueno station, we went to the ecute section of JR Ueno station to look for cute snacks. Since the Ueno Zoo near the station has pandas, so it is common to see many shops in Ueno area selling panda themed food and products.

These are manju, some with red bean paste filling, some with chocolate filling.

This Croissant Taiyaki is really nice!

More panda !

Back to our rooms

Cute donuts! bought from Ueno station.

Croissant Taiyaki

manju with chocolate filling

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