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(Europe Sep 2015) Day 16: Visit Zaanse Schans

Day 16 (18 Sep 2015): Visit Zaanse Schans (Netherlands)

This day's schedule:
0953-1005 Sloterdijk to Koog Zaandijk via train
Walk about 10-15mins from Koog Zaandijk to Zaanse Schans
Visit Zaanse Schans
1207-1220 Koog Zaandijk to Sloterdijk
Collect luggage from hotel
Sloterdijk to Schiphol Airport via train (about 10mins)
1610-2315 Amsterdam to Doha via Qatar Airways (6hrs 5mins flight)
Transit at Doha airport (Qatar)
0225-1515 Doha to Singapore via Qatar Airways (7hr 50mins flight)

Since we had some time before having to catch our flight, so we spent the morning visiting this place called Zaanse Schans

It's a collection of Dutch buildings and windmills that was relocated to this place that's now converted to some shops and museums.
Nice place to take photos, although there's usually many tourists too.

From our hotel at Sloverdijk, we take a short train ride to Koog Zaandijk station. 
If you are travelling from Amsterdam Central station, you can also reach Koog Zaandijk station via a short 15-20mins train ride.  Check the train's schedule though, not all trains along that route will stop at Koog Zaandijk station.

Note though, if you are taking Sprinter trains to Koog Zaandijk station usually doesn't have toilets onboard the train.  Usually, only Intercity trains have toilets onboard. 

If I remembered correctly, you can try asking this shop if you want to rent bicycles. I think I saw some bicycle rental notice somewhere outside this shop on the train platform. Not 100% sure though.

From the station, it's just a short 10mins walk to reach Zaanse Schans.

Crossing the bridge to reach Zaanse Schans
 Here are photos which I took during my visit to Zaanse Schans.

a small souvenir shop

There's also a souvenir shop here that sells many Miffy products.

Ok, back to exploring Zaanse Schans.

Bicycle rental shop at Zaanse Schans, this building is located next to the toilet.

 There's also a small area here with some farm animals, and you can buy some animal feed to feed the chicken and goats.

Came across a shop selling waffles :) It was really nice, kinda like the ones we had in Belgium.

This was really nice!!!!

Time to head back to the train station. We got a plane to catch.

After taking the train back to our hotel, we collected our luggage and then take a train again to the airport.
Miffy at the airport.
 There's this shop at the airport that sells alot of Miffy products, but I'm not sure if it's a permanent shop or just temporary.

Before heading for immigration check in, we spend some time at the shops outside to have a quick lunch first.

Our Lunch. We really love Netherland's frites :)
From Amsterdam, we took a flight to Qatar, and then another flight back to Singapore.

Watching Running Man.

This was some sort of cheese ravioli 

Our meal (Burger Kings again) at Qatar airport during transit.

And this ends our 16 days trip to Europe.  

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