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(Japan Feb 2016) Day 6 Visit Takayama. Stay Gero onsen.

(Day 6) 22 Feb 2016: Visit Takayama. Stay at Gero Onsen

Brief schedule for this day: (JR railpass day 3)
0700-0719 Kanazawa to Toyama via Shinkansen
0800-0931 Toyama to Takayama via Ltd Exp train 
Visit Takayama Morning Market and Old Town
Have lunch 
1330-1417 Takayama to Gero via Ltd Exp train
Took hotel shuttle from Gero station to ryokan
Check-in and spent the rest of the day relaxing at ryokan.

We started this day early since we had to catch an early 7am Shinkansen from Kanazawa to Toyama.
My husband's fever got worse on this day, so we got some lozenges from the convenience store as well as some drinks and breakfast before catching our train.
Toyama station

Awaiting for the Ltd Exp train at Toyama station
 There are not many shops at Toyama station.
But there is a small shop selling ekiben (food bento for train travels) and some souvenirs at this store just outside the gate gantries of Toyama station.

The shop next to the gate gantries at Toyama station, selling Ekiben and some souvenirs. 
 Upon arriving at Takayama, we deposited our luggage bags at the coin lockers at the bus terminal building next to the train station, and then headed out for a short 10mins walk towards the Old town area.
I visited this stall and ate our very first dango during my first visit to Takayama back in 2011.  :)
 Since my husband was not feeling well and feverish, so we got him to sit down at a cafe nearby to drink some ginger tea and wait for us...while the 3 of us strolled along this morning market street. 
Morning market

Cousin R and I both bought a cute little drawstring pouch from this stall. 


After a short visit to the morning market (and not forgetting picking up my husband from the cafe), we then walked towards the old town area.

Old Town area

Sake Kit Kat??

Sake Brewery in 1 of the buildings in Old Town.

Sake Tasting. 

Cousin PW tried Sake tasting. 

Before catching our train to Gero, we had Hida Beef lunch at this restaurant not too far from Takayama train station (about 3mins walk).
Both my husband and I LOVE Hida we thought of bringing my Cousin R and PW to give Hida Beef a try on this trip.  
Even if you are in Japan, it is not easy to find Hida Beef outside of Gifu prefecture.

After lunch, we went to Takayama station to collect our luggage and take a Ltd Exp train to Gero Onsen. 
Since we paid quite a lot for this particular night's stay at the ryokan, so we decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing at the ryokan instead of heading out to explore.
The name of this place is Gero Kanko Hotel


Ladies can choose some amentities from this collection :)
Yukata options for the ladies.  Sorry guys. :)
This is what our room looks like. Note that there's a hotspring tub at our room's balcony. :)

The view from our balcony just now. The retro looking red bus is the ryokan's shuttle bus which picked us up from Gero station.

Souvenir shop at the ryokan

This is a relaxing corner for guests, where there's free coffee, and there are some books/mags for browsing too.
Had a cup of coffee here. 
 We then went to check out the ryokan's onsen area.
Since my cousin R and I were the only ones around at that time, so we sneaked in a few quick shots of the female onsen section. 
Looks comfy, right? :)

After a few hours of rest time, it's time to head for dinner at our ryokan's dining area.

Upon arriving at the dining area, rows of Shitake mushrooms greeted us at the entrance area. 

We were then given a small basket by the staff, who asked us to choose 1 Shitake mushroom each, and pluck it off ourselves.
My husband chose a large one, and I was kinda lost (since I've never eaten Shitake mushroom before and I don't know how to choose), so the staff picked a good one for me and I plucked it out myself. :)

Our dinner, for 4 pax.

rock salt. 

Saw some fireworks from our room's balcony in the evening.

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