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(Japan Feb 2016) Day 8 Visit Toi Gold Mine and Atami. Stay Atami

(Day 8) 24 Feb 2016: Visit Toi Gold Mine and Atami. Stay at Atami

Brief schedule for this day: (JR railpass day 5)
0702-0714 Shizuoka to Shimizu via JR Tokaido line 
0730-0740 Shimizu station (east exit) to Ferry Terminal via free bus shuttle
0800-0905 Shimizu Ferry Terminal to Toi Ferry Terminal via Ferry (2100yen)
Walk about 10mins from Toi Ferry Terminal to Toi Gold Mine
Visit Toi Gold Mine (Admission 860yen, Gold panning: 720yen)
Walk back to Toi Ferry Terminal
1200-1305 Toi Ferry Terminal to Shimizu Ferry Terminal via Ferry (2100yen)
1320-1330 Shimizu Ferry Terminal to Shimizu station via free bus shuttle.
1336-1348 Shimizu to Shizuoka via JR Tokaido line
Pick up luggage from hotel
1419-1458 Shizuoka to Atami via Shinkansen
Check in to hotel and deposit our luggage
Head out to walk around near Atami station and have dinner

We took an early morning train from Shizuoka station to Shimizu, where we would be taking the free shuttle bus to Shimizu Ferry Terminal.  
While waiting for the shuttle bus at Shimizu station, we took photos of the pretty flowers nearby.

There's a toilet next to the area where we waited for the shuttle bus.
 After a short 5-10mins ride, we arrived at Shimizu Ferry Terminal.  Before boarding the Ferry, we had to go to the Ferry Terminal building to purchase our ferry tickets.

This is the shuttle bus which we took from JR Shimizu station to the ferry terminal.

The ferry terminal building where we bought our ferry tickets.

The Ferry ride between Shimizu and Toi takes about 1hr. On clear days, you should be able to see Mt Fuji during this journey. But too bad, it was a cloudy day on the day of our visit.
There are food, snacks, drinks, and souvenirs being sold on this ferry ride.  
On board the Ferry.

There's toilet on the ferry.

Hot food vending machine

Finally arriving Toi.

Arrival at Toi

There's a 7-11 convenience store not too far from the Ferry Terminal at Toi. 

First time seeing KatsuDon onigiri.  It was really good!!
 It was around a 10mins walk to reach Toi Gold Mine

There's a Family Mart convenience store just in front of Toi Gold Mine.

Arrival at Toi Gold Mine

Exhibits have both Japanese and English explanations.

250kg real gold bar.


Next up, time to try panning for gold.  There's a time limit (30mins I think).  By the end of 30mins, my back was breaking from all that bending. lol.
It looks easy, but it is not easy at all.  I only managed to get 2 tiny flakes by the end of the 30mins session.

We were each given this small bottle to store any gold flakes we were able to get.

Time to go catch our Ferry ride back to Shimizu.

I really really loved these 2 onigiri, Katsudon and Fried Rice.

Back to Shimizu.

Taking train from Shimizu to Shizuoka station.

Taking Shinkansen from Shizuoka to Atami.
 I've seen the outside of Atami station on various Japan TV programs (Hirunandesu, ABChanZoo...etc...) so I'm glad that we can squeeze in a quick stopover at Atami while on our way to Kawazu.
Here are some screenshots of Atami from some of the Japanese TV programs which I've watched before coming to Atami.

We stayed at this Toyoko-Inn about 5mins walk from Atami station.

Every since I've watch Arioka and Hikaru (Hey! Say! JUMP) eating fro this particular stall during a TV program (Hirunandesu), I've always wanted to give it a try since it looked so delicious.  

Oh yey! Happened to come across our fav honey flavoured soft-serve ice cream.  I always couldn't resist eating this every time I chance upon 1 of their outlets.

Our dinner

End of Day 8.

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