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(Japan Feb 2016) Day 10: Kawazu to Kyoto. Visit Kyoto. Stay Kyoto

(Day 10) 26 Feb 2016: Kawazu to Kyoto. Visit Kyoto. Stay Kyoto

Brief schedule for this day: (JR railpass day 7):
1021-1127 Kawazu to Atami via Ltd Exp Super view Odoriko train (top up 1880yen)
1146-1444 Atami to Kyoto via Shinkansen
Deposit luggage at hotel near Kyoto station
Kyoto to Shijo via Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line (4mins, 210yen)
Visit Nishiki Market
Visit Tokyu Hands
Shijo to Kyoto via Kyoto Subway
Buy dinner back to room to eat

Breakfast at the ryokan
 After check-out, the ryokan provided free shuttle for us to bring us from the ryokan to Kawazu station that's just a short 5mins drive away.  

At Kawazu station, waiting for the train
 We took the Ltd Exp Odoriko (or was it Super Odoriko? Can't remember) from Kawazu to Atami station.  Since part of this journey runs on non-JR tracks, so even though we have JR railpass but we still have to top up for the non-JR portion.  

The overhead compartments are smaller on this trip, which can't even fit my 24" luggage bag.

There's a small space just in front of our carriage, so we just left our luggage bags there for this journey since the overhead compartments cannot fit our bags at all.

Once we arrived at Atami, we have a few spare minutes to buy some lunch.  So this is what I got from the shop at Atami station.

 Since it was a pretty clear day, so we were able to see Mt Fuji while we were taking the Shinkansen ride from Atami to Kyoto.  
If I remembered correctly, Mt Fuji is usually visible (if weather is good) when the train travels between Mishima and Shin-Fuji station on the Tokaido Shinkansen line (Eg, if you take Nozomi/Hikari/Kodama Shinkansen between Tokyo and Nagoya/Kyoto/Shin-Osaka).  
Note: Nozomi and most Hikari Shinkansens doesn't make stops at Mishima nor Shin-Fuji station and just goes past those stations.
The view of Mt Fuji, photo taken during the shinkansen ride

We finally arrived Kyoto in the early afternoon.  We checked in to our hotel near Kyoto station to dump our luggage bags before heading out to explore Kyoto.

From Kyoto station, it's a short subway ride to Shijo station.

Taking subway

My husband and I love Krispy Kreme and we always try to eat at least 1 donut (my personal fave is the original glazed) whenever we chance upon an outlet in Japan.

From the subway station, it's just a short 5mins walk to reach 1 of the ends of Nishiki Market street.
1 end of Nishiki Market street.
 On our way to Nishiki market street, we came upon a 300yen shop. :)

300yen shop just before we enter Nishiki Market street

300yen :)

 Ok, back to Nishiki Market street.
My husband and I have already been to Nishiki market a couple of times on our previous trips.  But since it is my cousin's first visit to Kyoto, so we suggested to visit this place.

Came upon an outlet of my fav honey softserve icecream along Nishiki market. 

Ika (cuttle fish)

Potato i think

There's a small shrine at the other end of Nishiki Market street.

Kame :)

While cousin R and PW shopped around the shopping streets, my hubby and I went to a nearby Tokyu Hands to do some light shopping.

Inside Tokyu Hands

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