Wednesday, May 31, 2017

(Japan Oct 2016) Day 7: Visit Onomichi and Okunoshima. Overnight train to Tokyo.

Day 7 (6 Oct 2016): Visit Onomichi and Okunoshima (Rabbit Island). 
Overnight train Okayama to Tokyo.

Due to the passing typhoon the previous day, we had to squeeze in the visit to both Onomichi and Okunoshima on this day before we had to take the overnight train from Okayama to Tokyo.

In the morning, we took a Shinkansen from Okayama to Fukuyama. 

Castle at Fukuyama is visible from the shinkansen platform.  This photo was taken from the train platform.
 Once we arrived at Fukuyama, we transferred to a 20mins JR Sanyo line train to reach Onomichi.

JR Sanyo line train

Arrival at Onomichi

Onomichi is a town located in Hiroshima prefecture, and is probably most well known for its scenic 60km long cycling route (Shimanami Kaido) that connects Japan's main Honshu to Shikoku.
There are also a number of temples, as well as observatory platform that's accessible via a ropeway.

Onomichi station
 From Onomichi station, we brisk walked about 15-20mins through the sheltered shopping street to reach the base ropeway station. 

Hello Arashi! Fancy seeing you guys here :)

Sheltered shopping street. Shops were still mostly closed since it was pretty early during the time of our visit.

Crossing the street and walkway to reach the ropeway station

We took the ropeway to reach the observation platform at the top of the hill.

Toilet and a few lockers at the top station of the ropeway.

Nice view from the top

 Since we still had to go to Okunoshima (Rabbit Island), so we didn't had much time to spend at Onomichi. 

Walk walking towards Onomichi station, we spotted a sighting of a Dragonite nearby on our Pokemon radar.  This sent us dashing to the sighting spot where we spent a good 10mins using countless Ultra balls to catch the Dragonite (and we did!). 

We didn't really had time to stop for lunch, so the hubby bought some donuts to eat for lunch.

Some lockers at Onomichi station.
Although it was just a short 19mins journey between Fukuyama station to Mihara station, but I arranged for us to catch the special Evangelion themed Shinkansen for this journey.

Arrival at Mihara station

To get to Okunoshima (Rabbit Island), we had to transfer to a 25mins JR Kure line train (infrequent departures, about 1 train departure every hourly or so) to reach Tadanoumi station where will then have to catch a short ferry ride to reach Okunoshima. 

JR Kure line train

From Tadanoumi station, it is just a short 5-10mins walk to reach the ferry terminal.

There is a Family mart located next to Tadanoumi station where you can buy some snacks, drinks, and rabbit food before you go catch your ferry to Okunoshima.

 The ferry ride to Okunoshima takes about 15mins. 

Arrival at Okunoshima.  

There are some vending machines and toilets near the ferry port at Okunoshima.

After spending a few relaxing hours playing and feeding the rabbits at Okunoshima, we headed back to Tadanoumi via ferry.

We headed back to Okayama where we finally had our first decent meal of the day before taking the overnight train Sunrise Seto from Okayama station to Tokyo.

My bunk onboard the overnight train.

Vending machine onboard the overnight train.

Shower card dispenser onboard the Overnight train.


  1. Hi Sam, did you made any advanced booking for the overnight Sunrise Seto train?

    1. Nope. As per normal, I was only able to make the train reservation after I have exchanged for my JR railpass after I arrived at Japan.
      Therefore, I had a backup hotel reservation for just in case I wasn't able to get this overnight train's booking.

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