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(Japan Oct 2016) Day 14: Tokyo to Kawaguchiko

Day 14 (13 Oct 2016): Tokyo to Kawaguchiko. Stay Kawaguchiko

Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) is a nice place to go if you want to see Mt Fuji.

From Shinjuku, there are actually a few ways to go to Kawaguchiko:
1) Take bus from Shinjuku (costs 1750yen for 1 way, takes about 2 hours)
2) Take either regular JR Chuo line train or Limited Express train to Otsuki station, then transfer to the Fujikyu local or Limited Express train to Kawaguchiko.

Use the hyperdia website to calculate the train schedule/fares

This is the Limited Express train that we took from Otsuki station to Kawaguchiko station.

storybooks at the play area on the train for children to read

There's a toilet onboard this Limited Express train.

We finally arrived at Kawaguchiko station, and saw a Thomas train parked at the station. So I sneaked a few photos of it. :)
Thomas train

The locker room at Kawaguchiko station

Kawaguchiko station. 

 Before heading to our ryokan, we walked to a convenience store not too far away from Kawaguchiko station to buy some drinks and snacks for our overnight stay, since I was pretty sure there isn't any convenience stores near our ryokan.

 After we arrived at our ryokan, we deposited our luggage and headed out to find lunch.

We originally planned to take the ropeway to the viewpoint, but since it was a cloudy day and Mt Fuji wasn't really visible, so we decided to skip the ropeway.

Low clouds

About 5 mins walk from our ryokan, we came across this restaurant.


Gyoza filling stuffed in Chicken wing


Hello Aiba!
 There was still a little time before we could check in at our hotel, so we took a slow stroll along the lake back to our ryokan after having our lunch.

Our room

The view from our room's window.  Too bad it was so cloudy, so we could only see the peak of Mt Fuji on this day.

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