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I went on my Macau (click here for wikipedia entry) trip together with my Hubby, Grandparents & Aunt.

We took TigerAir from Singapore Budget Terminal to Macau.  The flight took around 3hrs 30mins.  My 1st thought when plane touched down at Macau was "Wah!! So hazy!".  I was seated next to the window and I could only see the ground and buildings just moments before we landed.

The hotel we are staying at is the Venetian Hotel and we took the hotel's shuttle bus from the Airport to the hotel (trip just took about 5mins).
The Venetian Hotel
Entrance to Venetian Hotel
Hotel's lobby
this is not a suite, it's a standard room! 
hotel room's toilet
hotel's food court. note: the sky is fake.
shopping area within Venetian Hotel
jackpot area

some sort of egg batter pastry we ate at the hotel's food court.  very nice.
There's a shop (Kee Wah) in Venetian Hotel that sells local pastries too.

Me looking at delicious food whilst dear hubby Alfred took this photo of me from the mirror reflection.

The Venetian Hotel is located on the same island as the airport, so if you want to go to Macau's city area, you will have to take cab/bus to Macau's main island (about 20mins by cab).
The bridge that links both island.
The most famous attraction is probably the Ruins of St. Paul's.  There's usually many tourists here taking photos at the famous steps.
Ruins of St Paul's
The back of Ruins of St Paul's
The view from the top at Ruins of St Paul's
Just next to Ruins of St Pauls, there's a small shop selling collectible toys for those who may be interested. It doesnt open until nearly noon time so don't go too early.
location of the toy shop
Boys will be hubby and grandfather checking out toys
Then from the Ruins of St Pauls, go down the steps and walk straight.  You will find shops selling Bak Kwa (Dried Pork Slices) and pastries.  Most are nice.  Many pastries comes in little individually wrapped pieces within a box so it's good to buy for colleagues and friends.

Bak Kwa
For potato lovers, there's a shop here that specializes in potato food.

In the evening, there's usually a water fountain display outside Wynn Hotel. However on my trip they shut it down due to the typhoon.
Wynn Hotel
The thing with Macau is that there's always a possibility of being caught in a typhoon.  There's typhoon signal 1, 3, 8, 9, 10.
Typhoon signal 1: Stand by (A tropical cyclone is centred within 800 kilometres of Hong Kong/Macau and may later affect the territory, or there are strong winds in Hong Kong waters)
Typhoon signal 3: Strong Winds (Strong winds are expected or blowing generally in Hong Kong/Macau near the sea level, and the wind condition is expected to persist)
Typhoon signal 8: Gale (Gale or storm force winds are expected or blowing generally in Hong Kong/Macau near the sea level and the wind condition is expected to persist)
Typhoon signal 9: Increasing Gale (Gale or storm force winds are increasing)
Typhoon signal 10: Hurricane (Hurricane force winds. Eye of typhoon may be passing directly over Hong Kong/Macau)

So on the day we were at the city area, we saw this at 1 of the city hotel's lobby.

Basically, for signal 1 & 3, there's not too much to worry about although you might want to double check to see if there's any flight changes.  However if the hotel you are living in is on the airport island (like Venetian Hotel) and you are on the city island, then you may want to start heading back to your hotel because the bridge that connects the 2 island will shut down when it reaches Typhoon signal 8.  We were lucky because the bridge shut down 1hr after we arrived back to our hotel.  Later in the evening, it reached Typhoon signal 8.
Typhoon signal 8 alert on TV

I was at Macau: 13-15 Sep 2009

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