Monday, June 14, 2010

Taking photos while on holiday...

I am a photography fanatic. So when I go travel, I take lots of photos.  I really mean LOTS.  I took more than 11,000 photos on my Europe trip.

Whilst on a multi-city trip (eg. on a europe trip where you visit many countries/cities), there's some things you can do along the way other than ending up having the exact same photos as everyone else.  Especially if you are travelling in a tourgroup and everyone is standing around the same area, having same vantage point, looking at the same inevitably, most people end up having similar photos of the sights.

Just to share some of the things I did when I was on my Europe trip:
- Take photos from a different perspective.
Example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  After taking the usual shot of the Eiffel Tower from this angle...
The usual shot of Eiffel Tower
What I did was to take it from standing directly beneath the tower and point my camera straight up.  And I got this...
Taken while standing directly below the tower
Everyone knows how Eiffel Tower looks like...but how many people have seen Eiffel Tower from this angle?

- Other than scenary, also take photos of the usual everyday objects. (mailboxes, traffic lights, train tickets, food you eat...etc).  It's interesting to see how these differ from city to city.  It doesn't cost $$ to take a photo on a digital camera, so click away.  Memory cards these days are cheap too. I have photo of all the food I ate on my Europe trip. Yes, every single one.  Even the potato chips I bought along the way...and the little chocolate that the tourguide gave us.
Ticket for Eiffel Tower
Wiener Schnitzel (Breaded Veal) from Vienna
- Go up close to take the details.  
Can see the rivets on the Eiffel Tower
- Take photos of menus. Foreign menus are interesting.
a menu from a restaurant I dined at in Lyon, France

*And remember, if you are bringing a portable harddisk to backup your memory cards every night on your trip. Do double (triple) check that you have already backed it up on your portable harddisk before erasing the memory card.  I made the mistake of not checking and I lost 1 whole day's worth of photos taken in Lucerne (Switzerland).* 

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    Didn't know Eiffel Tower looks like that when taken from below??!! ;)