Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Japan Day 4 - Tokyo (30 Nov 2010) *part 1*

0930: left hotel
1009-1040: train from Shinagawa to Asakusa
1040-1200: Nakamise and Sensoji Temple
1205-1253: lunch
1225: earthquake while we were having lunch
????: Ameyoko
1600-1625: Ueno to Akihabara station
1625-1845: Akihabara
1845-1955: Yakiniku dinner near Akihabara
2030-2050: train from Akihabara to Shinagawa
2055-2105: 7-11
2110: back at hotel

80yen: red bean tempura
300yen: choco cookie ice cream burger
180yen: meat croquette
3200yen: Tempura and Katsudon lunch
272yen: MisterDonut
150yen: Taiyaki
4351yen: Yakiniku dinner
390yen: truffle chocolate
126yen: mini croissants

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Walking (Climbing) out of the Metro station
 There's 2 main subway services in Tokyo.  1 is the JR, and the other is the Metro.  1 main difference is that Metro stations are mostly (if not all) underground, and JR stations are above ground.  If given a choice, I prefer taking the JR since it's quite a long way to climb for the Metro stations.  And no, there's no escalators.

Crossing the road over to Sensoji Temple

You'll know you are at the right place when you see this gate.

very crowded.  

 Many stalls don't appreciate you taking photos of their stalls.

Fried stuff with some sort of bean filling

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream "Burger".  Was nice, although feels weird eating ice cream in cold weather.

A group of tourists stopped 2 Japanese schoolboys and got them to pose with their daughters for pictures. Poor boys. They were stuck there for quite awhile since they were still there after I came out of the Ice cream stall.

the hubby taking photos of trees (I think)

Other entries for this day: part 2 / part 3

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