Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 13: Huis Ten Bosch (Part 4)

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 13: Huis Ten Bosch (Part 4)

Ok, here's the 1st of my "One Piece" intensive blog posts.
 I am not a One Piece fan, however the hubby is. 

For those who are keen to see more of the Thousand Sunny cruise ride, see my Day 14's entry because we chose to take the 1st departure time of the following day (so that it will be more empty and not as crowded) since we are staying overnight at Huis Ten Bosch.


Exterior of One Piece restaurant + shop

Searching for Thousand Sunny

There you are
 Thousand Sunny does set sail from the docks. It's just a short 20mins cruise just out of the harbour area and then a U-turn back. However there's many interesting stuffs onboard the ship. See more on my Day 14's post.
Happy fan
Thousand Sunny Opening mouth

Thousand Sunny setting off (video taken by Hubby Alfred)

Note that Thousand Sunny's mouth is open and it does fire some smoke when it leaves the docks.

Ticket prices for Thousand Sunny cruise

Tickets for Thousand Sunny

3D One Piece show
Exterior of One Piece restaurant

Paper plate

For those who are curious how the pink rice tastes's actually just butter rice with pink dye.

1 of the 2 One Piece shops within Huis Ten Bosch. I will be back to this shop later in the day with more pics of this place.

Back of the One Piece restaurant

Pirate Tully (Tulip)

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