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Japan (Feb 2012) Day 14: Huis Ten Bosch to Fukuoka (Part 2)

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 14: Huis Ten Bosch to Fukuoka (Part 2)
After the Thousand Sunny cruise, we headed to the One Piece shop and Miffy shop for some last minute purchases before we have to leave Huis Ten Bosch for Fukuoka. We originally planned to visit Nagasaki on this day, however we decided to give that a skip instead so that we will have more time at Huis Ten Bosch and Fukuoka on this day.

Can't make up my mind as to which 2 out of these 5 Miffys to purchase...

Limited Edition Huis Ten Bosch Miffy (wears clogs)

Had lunch here

Real Choc spoons.
One Piece helmet

The hubby came across these bottled drinks sold at convenience stores that comes with a free One Piece figurine (total 9 designs). And so he proceeded to buy 7 bottles at Huis Ten Bosch, and 2 bottles at Fukuoka. Our luggage was so darn very heavy on the way from Huis Ten Bosch back to Fukuoka cuz it was filled with bottles of these drinks. Haha. 

 And so, we finally left Huis Ten Bosch. Took the Ltd Exp Huis Ten Bosch train back to Hakata station in Fukuoka. We then headed to check in to our hotel (the b Hakata hotel) to deposit our bag and then took a cab (5mins ride, cuz it's raining and quite far to walk) to Canal City Hakata (a large shopping mall) to look for the Jump Shop.

Canal City Hakata

We then chanced upon this Moomin cafe while walking around in search of the Jump shop at Canal City Hakata. 

We then finally found the Jump shop, located within Canal City Hakata. There's stuffs from Slam Dunk, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, One Piece being sold here.
(official website:

And then, we came across this large Sanrio store. My poor wallet...

After Canal City Hakata, we went to look for Yatai (food stalls) for Ramen dinner.

After dinner, we stopped by Tokyu Hands and Krispy Kreme at Hakata station.

Card holders, sold at Tokyu Hands

Here's our combined One Piece purchases on this trip. Not all are from Huis Ten Bosch.
This is the completed set of 9 One Piece figurines which my hubby managed to collect 

The Shiny card is a sort of certificate given to all those who boarded the Thousand Sunny cruise.

Miffy shaped nori (seaweed)

My Sanrio purchases

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say thanks a lot for your copious photos and coverage of Huis Ten Bosch. We're going to the place in February as well, and your unique look into the park during that time of the year was valuable for us. Thank you again!❤