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Japan (Feb 2012) Day 15: Mojiko, then Fukuoka back to Singapore

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 15: Mojiko, then Fukuoka back to Singapore

A: Mojiko's location

Most trains in Japan have toilets on the train, this little compartment shown in the pic is a toilet.

Mojiko train station

This is the seasonal A-train. It is parked at this Railway museum on its "off-days".

After the Railway museum, we decided to take a cab to the observation deck at a nearby hill for the view of the bridge connecting Kyushu to Honshu.

That's Honshu on the other end of this bridge.


There's virtually no one else up on the hill, so we had to walk all the way down.

There's an underpass beneath the bridge which allows pedestrian to walk across from Kyushu to Honshu. 
Take an elevator down to the underpass 

The underpass

We didn't had enough time to walk across to Honshu, so we left the underpass soon after.  This part of Mojiko is pretty deserted, very difficult to get a cab as well. We had to walk for about 20mins before we were able to get 1.

You can go to the top of this building for a closer overview of Mojiko.  The hill in the distance is where we went earlier  in the day to take the photos of the bridge.
There's a small shopping mall in this building

Since we had to catch the next train, so we decided to just grab some lunch from the convenience store and eat on the train ride instead.

Mojiko station.
After Mojiko, we headed back to Fukuoka to collect our luggage from the hotel, and then took a short subway ride to Fukuoka Airport for our flight to Haneda, then Haneda back to Singapore.

For those keen on buying Shiroi Koibito biscuits, it's cheaper to get them from inside the Airport since it will be tax-free.  The pics of Shiroi Koibito here is taken from Haneda Airport when we were doing our flight transit.  

JAL flight. 

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