Saturday, August 10, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 9 Ueno + Oji + Akihabara + Koishikawa + Rikugien (Part 1)

Woke up at 5plus in the morning to try to get to Ueno Park early to avoid the crowds. But somehow even upon arriving there before 6:30am, the place wasn't as empty as I'd hoped. There were many TV station camera crews here as well, doing their morning show's segments, and also interviewing people.
This was before 6:30am in the morning.

recycling bins for Hanami go-ers.

Yeah, check out the group of people from the TV stations. There were 4 different teams.
 Since there's Pandas at the Ueno Zoo, therefore you can find many Panda themed products/food at shops in Ueno area. 

Inside Ueno station.

Bought 1 of these. It's a mini sized Tonkatsu burger (pork cutlet) from 1 of my fav Tonkatsu brand (Maisen). Costs about 350yen for 1 of these. Well, I will need breakfast anyway.

Bought this too. From a small supermarket at Ueno station. The choc is nice, plus I like Pikachu too. 

 Since I hate taking the extremely crowded trains during the rush hour, therefore I chose to take a short ride from Ueno station to Oji station to go to the Asukayama Park just opposite Oji station to enjoy a much more peaceful Sakura viewing and also spend some time to wait for rush hour to be over.

Map of Asukayama Park
 Since this park is pretty much unknown to most foreign tourists, therefore it is a contrast to the extremely crowded Ueno Park just a few stops away. It's pretty empty but it's also filled with Sakura trees.

Found a nice bench under a Sakura tree, and had my breakfast while reading my e-book.
My breakfast which I bought earlier in the morning from Ueno station. Yummy!

Playground area at Asukayama Park.

I sat on this swing for about 30mins, enjoying the cool air and watching the world pass by. Hadn't been on a swing for ages...

walking towards the station

recycling bins

Walking down these steps to get to Oji station.

Finally, rush hour's about over, and am leaving Oji station and headed for Akihabara.

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  1. Your pictures are very beautiful :)
    The tonkatsu mini burgers looks so good (and cute^^) !!