Saturday, August 10, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 9 Ueno + Oji + Akihabara + Koishikawa + Rikugien (Part 2)

After a few stops from Oji station, I arrived at Akihabara. 
At the train station (Akihabara), I chanced upon this Ginza Bairin food stall and even though it was way too early for lunch, I just couldn't resist (since my fav Katsudon in Singapore is the one from the Ginza Bairin outlet at Orchard ION and Jcube).

Katsudon 680yen
 My verdict, the taste is pretty similar to their outlet at Singapore. :)

The Gundam cafe just next to the AKB48 store.

venturing into Akihabara.

Fancy growing a plant out of your mineral bottle?

An extremely long queue...made up of mostly idea what the queue is for though.

The large Yodobashi store just opposite Akihabara station.

After leaving Akihabara, I headed for Koishikawa Korakuen.

Inside Koishikawa Korakuen.

Admission fees is 300yen for adults at Koishikawa Korakuen

walking towards the train station again...
 Next stop, Rikugien. There's a special evening illumination due to Sakura season, so it was pretty crowded there.

Map of Rikugien

Food stall inside Rikugien


more sakura

I just happened to look up, and saw this. Nope, it's not photoshopped. It looks like the plane is heading for the moon.

teahouse at Rikugien

Sakura rice cracker. It 

Sakura themed souvenirs

Many people were hanging out near this tree while waiting for the evening illumination

After leaving Rikugien, it's back to where else but my fav King crab dinner. :)

And then watched the new version of Iron Chef in my hotel room. 

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