Monday, October 14, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 10 Anime Fest + Hama Rikyu (Part 1)

0900-0950 Took train from Minami Senju to Tokyo Big Sight at Odaiba.
1005-1300 Anime Fair 
1315-1320 Kokusai Tenjijo Seimon station to Aomi station.
1330-1415 Lunch at Venus Fort
1420-1430 Aomi to Shiodome station
1430-1545 Hama Rikyu garden
1615-1745 Dinner at 46th Floor of building near Shiodome station, diagonally opposite Hama Rikyu.
1800-1815 Arrive at Ueno station
1815-1845 Shopped around Ueno station for panda stuffs
1845-1900 Ueno station to Minami Senju station
1910 Arrive back at hotel

This morning, I went to the Anime Fest held at Odaiba. Had to buy the tickets in advanced from a Lawson convenience store a few days before going.

 Was surprised to find a small booth for Sylvanian Families here as well. Totally unexpected :)

Storyboard for Naruto's Road to Ninja movie

Dragonball Z

Anpanman show

Gundam Cafe 

Trafalgar Law

Luffy preparing to jump off as well.

Luffy jumping off backstage

Vying for the meat "niku"

Took this game card, and went to 4 different booths to check out the secret word. 

Used the completed game card to exchange for this folder

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