Tuesday, July 4, 2017

(Japan Oct 2016) Day 10: Visit Yokohama

Day 10 (9 Oct 2016): Visit Yokohama.   Stay Tsurumi (Kawasaki) 

It was raining in the morning, so we headed out later than intended.

Since we have already visited Yokohama a few times during some of our previous trips, so we decided to just spend a leisurely day strolling around pier area.

From Nihon-Odori station, you can reach Osanbashi Pier in about 5-10mins walk.
Osanbashi Pier is actually a cruise center, but there are some nice view from here too.

1 of the reasons why I wanted to come to Osanbashi Pier is because this is the place where my favourite japanese group Hey! Say! JUMP filmed 1 of their music videos (Asu no Yell) a few years ago.

Osanbashi Pier

Screenshot from Hey! Say! JUMP's music video making

Screenshot from Hey! Say! JUMP's music video making

Screenshot from Hey! Say! JUMP's music video making

Screenshot from Hey! Say! JUMP's music video making

Screenshot from Hey! Say! JUMP's music video making

Screenshot from Hey! Say! JUMP's music video making

From Osanbashi Pier, we walked to nearby Red Brick Warehouses area, where there's an Oktober Beer Fest going on.  

There were way tooo many people for my comfort (I don't like crowds) at the Red Bricks Warehouse area (probably due to the beer fest), so we decided to walk abit further to World Porter's shopping mall to find some food.

This would probably be my 2nd time to World Porters, since my first visit here was a few years ago where we had lunch at the Sylvanian Families restaurant after visiting the Nissin Cup Noodle museum just across the road.

This time, we decided to have lunch at this cafe (1F inside World Porters) where they served really fluffy pancakes.
If i'm not wrong, it's kind of a ricotta cheese pancake.  I don't really like cheese so I was initially abit hesitant about ordering it, but wow, I couldn't taste the cheese at all, and it was so soft and fluffy! 

It is probably 1 of my favourite pancakes I've ever had so far!

soft and fluffy pancakes!!!

Noticed that the hubby was dozing off halfway during lunch, so I suggested we go give manga cafe a try for a few hours, before heading to Chinatown in the evening for dinner.

We went to Yokohama station, where there's a few manga cafes near the station, and this particular one is called Manboo, which has lots of branches in Japan.

This is our cubicle, where we spent the next 3 hours at.

They have cubicles for 1 person, as well as cubicles for 2 persons.

Usually. manga cafes also offer free-flow of drinks too.  And we had fun trying out the various drinks during our time here.

And of course, there are lots of mangas too, since it is a manga cafe after all. :)

You can also order food to be delivered to your cubicle.

After recharging ourselves (and our phones) at the manga cafe, we went to Yokohama's Chinatown to look for dinner.  

Chinatown has many inexpensive set lunch/dinners, so it took us quite awhile to walk around to choose a set that we liked.

My favourite Keropok (prawn crackers) which my grandma usually fries up for me during Chinese New Year periods.

In the end, we chose to have this for dinner.


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