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(Japan Oct 2016) Day 12: Visit Tokyo

Day 12 (11 Oct 2016): Visit Tokyo. Stay Tokyo

Somehow, after visiting Tokyo so many times, I've still yet to visit Meiji Shrine.  Therefore, we decided to squeeze in a short visit to Meiji shrine in the morning before meeting my friend to go shopping at Harajuku.

One of the entrances to the long pathway to Meiji Shrine is located just a short walk away from Harajuku station. 
From there, it is about 10mins walk along the pathway to reach the shrine itself.

After about 10-15mins stroll, we reached the shrine.

After a short visit at Meiji Shrine, we started heading out towards Harajuku station where I'm supposed to meet my friend.

Harajuku station's train platform

Just across Harajuku station is Takeshita Dori.  

After meeting up with friend, we decided to go Yoshinoya for a quick lunch before going crazy in all those Johnny's related shops along Takeshita Dori.

Ok, lunch's over.  

Here's kinda when I left my hubby to walk around on his own while he went to catch Pokemon and taking down PokeGyms...and my friend and I went to the various Johnny's related shops.

You can see this shop selling tees, there's this tee of the dog which Takaki (from Hey! Say! JUMP) drew on Itajump as well as the Durian mascot for Little Tokyo Life tv program. Heh.

Here's 1 of the many shops selling un-official photos of the various Johnny's groups.  

This shop sells uchiwa accessories

 We also went to the official Johnny's store at Harajuku. 

The skies were dark by the time we were done with shopping.
Then I met up with my hubby after saying goodbye to my friend.

 This store along Takeshita Dori sells 1 of our fav snacks.  
The outside is crispy, while the inside filling is creamy custard. 
There's usually a queue outside the shop for this.

 After we are done with Harajuku, we headed back to Shinjuku, where we bought some food back to our hotel room to eat. 

my dinner

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