Sunday, January 2, 2011

Japan Day 2 - Tokyo to Kyoto (28 Nov 2010) *part 2*

0500: wakeup
0600: checked out of Takanawa Keikyu Hotel
0615: arrived at Shinagawa station, bought Ekiben
0710-0948: Shinkansen from Shinagawa to Kyoto station
1030: arrived at Kyoto hotel, but room is not ready yet
1045: arrived at Nishiki Market 
1200: arrived at Gion
1310: arrived at Pagoda
1400-1430: lunch at a cafe at Kiyomizu-michi
1430-1630: Kiyomizu-dera
1725-1745: bus
1755-1825: checked in hotel
1905-1935: Dinner
1935-2000: Daimaru basement
2000-2010: shopped for drinks at FamilyMart
2020: arrived at hotel

750+850yen: Ekiben
210x2=420yen: subway from Kyoto to Shijio station
120yen: rice cracker 
400yen: Potato butter tenpura
2050yen: cheese sandwich + assorted sandwich + cold chocolate drink 
300x2=600yen: entrance to Kiyomizu-dera
500x3=1500yen: 3 amulets from Kiyomizu-dera
300yen: cream puff
210x2=420yen: Bus fare 
1950yen: dinner
378yen: 2 sponge cake from Daimaru basement
100yen: Fried Potato from Daimaru basement
105yen: Sushi from Daimaru basement
260yen: Gyoza from Daimaru basement
210yen: Ice chocolate drink + Ice lemon tea drink from 7-11

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Walking across the Shijio bridge over to the Gion area

a building being covered entirely to prevent construction noise from disturbing the surroundings


a deserted alley off the main street in Gion

Street signs on the ground at Gion
Leaving Gion area, in search of the Kiyomizu-dera

random back alley near Gion
random street

Alf, who took over my DSLR since I don't wanna lug it around in I used my new compact camera throughout the entire trip.

Yasaka Pagoda
 We were walking around in search of the Kiyomizu-dera, however we somehow ended up at Yasaka Pagoda instead.  Saw some Maiko here.  Not sure if they are real Maiko or tourists dressed as Maiko.

Random back alley...we opted to take this route towards Kiyomizu-dera since it looks like a shortcut on the map.

1 of the many times where Alfred hit his head on this trip.
Finally found Kiyomizu-michi, which is a street with shops that leads up to Kiyomizu-dera

 Lots and lots of people here (maybe because it's a Sunday?).  This street is an uphill climb.  We were already very very tired by the time we arrived here since we woke up at 5:30am to catch the 7am Shinkansen to Kyoto, then we walked all the way from our hotel at Kyoto Shijio area, to Nishiki Market (which is already a very long street by itself), across the Shijio bridge, through Gion area, through Yasaka pagoda....and finally up this hill.  We dreaded to think that we will have to walk down this street again eventually after our visit to Kiyomizu-dera later in the day.  

 We were very hungry, tired, in need of a rest, and so we had a meal at a cafe along Kiyomizu-michi.  I'd have preferred to have Japanese cuisine instead of sandwiches, however, almost all of the other restaurants and food outlets on this street have either a long queue or waiting list.  So we chose this little cafe where we did not have to queue.  It was expensive but I loved the iced chocolate drink.
Cheese toast
Iced Chocolate drink with vanilla soft serve.  Extremely nice.
Assorted sandwiches

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