Monday, January 3, 2011

Japan Day 2 - Tokyo to Kyoto (28 Nov 2010) *part 4*

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 After Kiyomizu-dera, we took a bus back to our hotel and then headed out to a restaurant near Daimaru for our dinner.
 In Japan, you board the bus from the rear door and take a ticket from the ticket dispenser when you board.  To alight, press the buzzer, then you go to the front door, drop the ticket and the fare into a box next to the bus driver.
Our hotel for Kyoto, located near Shijio subway station
Our room

Ebi tempura soba
Where we had our dinner
Sourcing for supper at Daimaru basement
 The departmental stores' supermarket (usually at the basement) usually slashes the prices of their cooked food about half an hour (or is it 1 hour?) before their closing time.  It's 1 of our 2 main sources of supper throughout this trip.  The other source is 24hrs convenience stores (eg. 7-11...etc)

Lots of pretty sweets, pastries, cakes, chocolates being sold at departmental stores supermarkets too.  Here are some of the products being sold at this Daimaru branch.

Alf bought 1 of these for supper

I absolutely LOVE the Japanese's 24hrs convenience stores!!  They sell lots of food!! No fear of being hungry in the middle of the night.  
Convenience stores' food
Convenience stores' food

Convenience stores' food
Convenience stores' food
Cute coke bottles (SGD2.30)

Interesting panel above the hotel's lift buttons to prevent static.

I drank a pack of the Van Houten Cocoa almost every day of our trip.  Thick and creamy cocoa.... :)
 I like watching the Japanese variety shows at nights.  This segment of a variety program shows 2 groups competing to see which team's representative can complete eating 40 plates of sushi before the plates exit the exposed platform on the conveyor.  This guy already ate 35 plates, but since the last 10 plates came out back to back, so he had trouble eating them all.  The other competitor completed all 40 plates.

And thus, concludes our very long and extremely tiring day at Kyoto.  I believe this is the day where we walked the most and took the most pics out of the entire trip.  I hope to return to Kyoto again in future to explore the other temples where we didn't had time to visit on this trip.

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