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Japan Day 9 - Otaru & Sapporo (5 Dec 2010) *part 1*

1014-1050: train journey from Sapporo to Otaru
1200-1245: Alf ate sushi
1255-1325: I ate katsudon
1410-1420: Went to Le Tao, but since there's a long queue for their cafe, so we left.
1420-1440: Had coffee and custard puff at 2nd level of a pastry shop
1500-1520: Hello Kitty cup cafe
1525-1600: Music Box shop
1734-1810: train journey from Otaru to Sapporo
1825-1930: dinner at Kani-honke

620x2=1240yen: train from Sapporo to Otaru
150yen: Tamago Sushi
1880yen: Assorted Sushi
1780yen: Hotate Uni Ikura Don
800yen: Katsu Don
???yen: Alf's icecream
70x2=140yen: 2 Custard puffs
750yen: Hello Kitty cup set with coffee
693yen: Royce Chocolate
1470yen: Le Tao Chocolate
620x2=1240yen: train from Otaru to Sapporo
8415yen (S$136.25): Crab dinner at Kani-honke

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Taking a short 30mins ride from Sapporo to Otaru station

The view during the train journey

more great view

Finally at Otaru

Inside the Otaru train station

The exterior of the Otaru train station

Somehow, I love this photo which happens to have an old couple in it when I took it.

The old man was just walking by with his dog, and the dog pounced up on the other guy.  

The famous Otaru canal area.  It's just a short 10mins walk from the Otaru station.

Somehow, I like how this photo looks after I added a vintage effect to it.

A group of Japanese tourists taking a group photo.

The Otaru shopping street.

Random back alley

My breakfast = 1 single Tamago sushi. (I don't eat raw food)

Alfred's breakfast = Hotate Ikura Donburi

....more breakfast for Alfred: Assorted Sushi.  

Taken in front of the shop where we ate.
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