Thursday, July 7, 2011

Japan Day 9 - Otaru & Sapporo (5 Dec 2010) *part 3*

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The cafe where we had the hello kitty coffee cups (Just opposite Le Tao Pastry branch)
The choices of cups.  You can have free flow of coffee, and you will be able to bring back the cup you used.

I got this hello kitty set

Lovely window seat in the cafe

The area where you can wash your own cups after you finished your coffee

Coffee refills

They even included a box for the cup and saucer
The musical box museum ( loads of musical boxes being sold inside)


Musical Sushi

Believe it or not...this is 4pm.

Managed to find WIFI signal!!

Alfred found WIFI signal outside this shop while waiting for me to shop inside the store...

Our Hotel....just opposite Daimaru.

And we are back here again for our last night at Sapporo.  Crabs again!!

Had this set meal the other day...

What we had today...  

Love these crab balls

Lovvvveeeeeed this.  It's crab porridge.  Soooo goood.

The cashiers area at their convenience stores had this special platform for ladies to put our bags on while we search for our wallets during payment.  So thoughtful...

Upon returning to our room...we found that the housekeeping staff had placed my rabbit and bear together facing the TV. :)
What we bought at Hokkaido so far...those stacks of boxes you see are Shiroi Koibito Chocolates.
Other entries for the day: Part 1 / Part 2

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