Saturday, October 27, 2012

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 1: Singapore to KL, KL to Osaka

Day breakdown:
2040hr: AirAsia flight departs Singapore for KL
2135hr: Arrival at KL's LCC Terminal for transit
0055hr (the next day): AirAsia flight departs from KL's LCC Terminal
0820hr: Arrival at Kansai Airport in Osaka.

- RM13.90: Chicken Rice meal at KL's LCC Terminal
- S$4: Ice milo at KL's LCC Terminal

Recently returned from my 10 days solo trip to Japan's Kansai region.
It was a budget trip therefore I tried to save up on accommodations by choosing rooms with shared bathrooms (which will be cheaper) and also managed to get promo air tickets from AirAsia ($386 inclusive taxes, exclude check in baggage charge) even though will have to transit at KL's LCC terminal.

My airtickets (inclusive taxes) + 9 nights accommodation is about below SGD800.
Charging my mobile phone at Changi Airport before my flight.  The back bag is my camera bag which I bring on my travels, the purple back is my carry-on cabin bag.
Had transit at KL's LCC Terminal. Had to walk quite a bit to arrive at the terminal, and then spent another 20mins to queue at the transit counters. It was frustrating since it was taking awhile, and also there's no toilets from the moment you leave the plane until you clear the transit counters.  

1 main complaint I have about KL's LCC Terminal is the extremely loud and annoying P.A. system.  For Singaporeans, you know the old walkie speaker sounds you used to hear on old taxis? Yeah, imagine that crackly sound but much louder.  I was standing under a speaker while charging my phone and after 1hr, it gave me a headache. Enough for me to pop a panadol to curb the headache. 
On my return trip, I used earplugs...

There are a few food choices sold at the KL LCC Terminal, shops close around 11pm plus I believe. 

I was not impressed by their toilet staffs. The toilets were dirty yet I see the toilet staff sitting around chatting.  I witnessed a toilet staff sitting on the marble basin countertop, and she was dipping her feet into the basin to wash it, and then the entire washbasin crashed on the floor and shattered.  And the staff's reaction for causing this, she laughed out loud as if it was a joke.  
Chicken rice sold at a stall at KL's LCC Terminal. 
 There is a cafe that sells sandwiches and drinks, and that shop accepts Singapore dollar notes as payment, but will return you the change in Malaysian Ringgit.

For my AirAsia flight between KL and Osaka Kansai Airport, I had topped up for something called Empty Seat Option (ESO) from Optiontown website before my flight.  It was successful and therefore I was allocated 2 empty seats next to my seat so I was able to lie down if I wanted.  Yeah, all 3 seats were mine.

 For in-flight meals, I advise to pre-book it online before your AirAsia flight. Because there will be much more choices, and will also come with a free drink.  For this flight, I pre-booked a chicken satay meal.
Those curious on what video I was watching on the above photo, that's the Korean variety show "Running Man".  

Since it was an overnight flight, therefore spent the following 6 hours either snoozing or watching videos on my tablet.  

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