Saturday, October 27, 2012

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 3: Day trip to Okayama and Himeji (Part 1)

Day breakdown:
0620: Wake up
0807-0856: Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Okayama station
0930-0945: Took streetcar to Shiroshita
1015-1040: Arrived at Okayama castle
1045-1115: Korakuen
1123-1135: Streetcar from Shiroshita to Okayama train station
1135-1150: Bic Camera
1155-1225: Lunch
1230-1250: Shinkansen from Okayama to Himeji station
1310-1415: Himeji Castle
1459-1538: Shinkansen from Himeji to Shin-Osaka station
1545-1600: Haruka Express from Shin-Osaka station to Tennoji station
1615: Arrived at Hotel, took a nap
1800-1900: Explored Shinsekai area in Osaka
1900-1945: Dinner
2000: Back to Hotel.

114yen: a bottle Pocari Sweat
(Railpass included): JR Shin-Imamiya to Tennoji station (120yen)
270yen: Subway from Tennoji to Shin-Osaka station
388yen: 2 buns at Shin-Osaka station for breakfast
(Railpass included): Shinkansen ride from Shin-Osaka to Okayama station (5350yen for unreserved seat)
100yen: Streetcar from Okayama train station to Shiroshita
400yen: Admission fee for Korakuen
100yen: Streetcar from Shiroshita to Okayama train station
180yen: Japan power plug 3 way splitter from Bic Camera store
830yen: Lunch (Thin Katsu cutlet + rice)
147yen: a bottle of Pocari Sweat
(Railpass included): Shinkansen ride from Okayama station to Himeji station (3130yen for unreserved seat)
400yen: Admission fee for Himeji Castle grounds
200yen: Admission fee top up for ride up to top of Himeji Castle to see renovation works
1400yen: Keychain at Himeji
(Railpass included): Shinkansen ride from Himeji station to Shin-Osaka station (3130yen for unreserved seat)
(Railpass included): Took Haruka Express from Shin-Osaka to Tennoji station (840yen for unreserved seat)
200yen: Subway from Tennoji to Doubutsuenmae
1000yen: 2 mobile straps from Shinsekai
1050yen: Dinner at Shinsekai (3 meat skewers + fried rice + coke)
198yen: a box of cream puffs from convenience store

This is day 1 of my JR Kansai Area Wide Rail Pass usage. It is 7000yen and available for 4 consecutive days of usage. It is extremely economical to get this particular railpass if you are planning to explore to areas like Okayama, Wakayama, Kinosaki Onsen within Kansai region.  It is also available for use of Shinkansen between Osaka and Okayama, as well as a number of Limited Express trains.

More info on the 4day JR Kansai Area Wide Rail Pass: 

In the morning, I took a Shinkansen ride from Shin-Osaka station to Okayama station.  Since I've previously already explored Kurashiki area in Okayama already, therefore I decided to skip Kurashiki and instead headed for Okayama castle and Korakuen on this day.

To those who are still worried about not knowing Japanese, don't worry, there's also English directions at train stations.
 After arriving at Okayama station, I took the underpass to reach this streetcar station in front of Okayama train station.

 To get to Okayama castle, take the streetcar to Shiroshita streetcar station, and then walk for about 15mins.

 It was an extremely hot day, even though it's supposed to be autumn.  I think I got sunburnt at the end of this day.

After Okayama castle, it's just a short walk across the nearby bridge to get to Koraku-en.

Walking to take streetcar back to Okayama train station

Chanced upon this restaurant at the underground shopping street between Okayama streetcar station and Okayama train station. Loved the thin pork katsu cutlet. Reminds me of the Wiener Schnitzel I had in Austria.

After lunch, it's time to head for Himeji (See next post for Himeji).


  1. Hi,

    love reading your blog about your japan trip as I'm currently planning for mine and came across your blog by chance. would like to check with you if most ryokan and hotels allow us to place our luggages for a week? as I'm planning to travel from osaka to tokyo but I don't wanna lug my luggage with me throughout the journey. thanks!

  2. Thanks. :)

    So far, I've only tried placing my luggage at a hotel I was staying for 3 nights. Have yet to try a longer duration though.

    You might want to try emailing the hotel beforehand and ask them.

  3. Hi Sam, hope you are still active on this blog! Came across this, and is really useful for my upcoming trip to Okayama. Can I check with you after Korakuen garden how do you track your way back to the streetcar station? Is the streetcar going in a round trip or? TIA!

    1. Hi,
      Yes I'm still active on this blog. Just that I've been a tad busy prepping and planning my upcoming Japan trip in 2 weeks' time, that's what I have not been uploading new posts as often lately.

      The streetcar is 2-way I think, since I remember taking a streetcar going the opposite direction when I was heading back to Okayama station after my visit to Korakuen.

      It took me about 10mins to walk from the streetcar stop, to Korakuen.
      Here's the link to google maps regarding the path which I took:,+1-5+Korakuen,+Kita+Ward,+Okayama,+Okayama+Prefecture+703-8257/@34.6664444,133.9308795,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x35540630b701b80b:0x930243f4f90dc90!2m2!1d133.929977!2d34.665601!1m5!1m1!1s0x355406248c7c0b87:0x749df4f1143ab469!2m2!1d133.93617!2d34.6673339!3e2?hl=en