Saturday, October 27, 2012

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 2: Osaka

Day breakdown:
0820: Arrival at Kansai Airport
0944-1035: Nankai Express train from Kansai Airport to Shin-Imamiya station
1042: Check in at Hotel Raizan
1150: Lunch
1230-1500: Subway ride + Den-den town
1500-1515: Took at break at Lotteria fastfood outlet
1515-1630: Shinsaibashi
1630-1700: Krispy Kreme outlet
1710-1730: Amerika-mura, in search of Mandarake outlet
1730-1920: Mandarake store + roamed around Amerika-mura
1930-1945: Daimaru basement Food Hall
1950-2000: Subway from Shinsaibashi to Doubutsuen-mae
2000-2015: Bought Katsudon from convenience store
2018: Arrived back at hotel

-1470yen : Ticket from Tsuruga to Sabae (because my railpass only covers up to Tsuruga)
- 890yen : Nankai Airport Express train from Kansai Airport to Shin-Imamiya
- 3600yen: Payment of 2 nights hotel accommodation for Hotel Raizan (1800yen per night)
- 480yen : Lunch of Fried Rice
- 200yen : Subway from Doubutsuen-mae to Nipponbashi station
- 200yen : Subway from Ebisucho to Namba station
- 310yen : Snack of chicken nuggets and pepsi from Lotteria fastfood outlet
- 3045yen : Original One Piece Crimin T-shirt
- 590yen : 1 original glazed donut + 1 cookies and cream shake from Krispy Kreme outlet
- 116yen : 1 packet of Van Houten Cocoa drink from convenience store
- 498yen : Katsudon (pork cutlet + rice set) from Lawson convenience store
- 504yen : Seafood gyoza from Daimaru basement food hall
- 230yen : Subway from Shinsaibashi to Doubutsuen-mae station

After my 1+6 hours flight from Singapore to KL, then KL to Osaka, I finally arrived at Kansai Airport in the morning.

Upon arrival, I went to the JR office at Kansai Airport to exchange for my JR Kansai Area Wide 4 day Pass to be activated on the day 3 of my trip.  Also bought my train tickets from Tsuruga to Sabae for my day 5's trip as well.
Since my hotel at Osaka is near Shin-Imamiya station, therefore instead of taking Haruka Express train, I took the Nankai Airport Express train from Kansai Airport to Shin-Imamiya station (45mins, 890yen). 
There are no toilets onboard this Nankai Express train, unlike Haruka Express train where there's toilet.  Alternatively, you can top up additional 500yen to take the Limited Express Nankai train where there will be a toilet onboard the train.

Takuya Kimura...another fellow One Piece fan. :)

Upon arriving at Shin-Imamiya station, it was a 7mins walk (hotel is further away from Nankai Shin-Imamiya station compared to JR Shin-Imamiya station) to Hotel Raizan South, where I will be staying for 2 nights for now.

Hotel Raizan South is an extremely budget hotel where the toilets and baths are shared.  However, since it's still a private room, and also the price is extremely affordable (I paid only 1800yen per night, which is just about S$37+) therefore I didn't mind.  There was even free wifi signal in the room, free coffee in the morning, and use of microwave at every level's corridor. From the pic below, you can also see that there's a mini-fridge and tv in the room as well.  For this price, I am very much satisfied. Since I'm a solo female traveller, therefore I was given a room on the female-only level.


Since I ordered a 14day 1gb data-SIM card from bMobile's website, I found it waiting for me when I checked in at the hotel. Below are pics of the package.
Website of bMobile's data-SIM card for visitors to Japan:

After dumping my luggage in the room, I headed out in search for food. 
Came across this eatery selling Chinese food located along the way from the hotel to the subway station, so I decided to give it a try. Ever since I had the best fried rice I ever had back in Feb during my trip to Otaru, I've been trying to look for somewhat similar fried rice in Japan whenever I get the chance.
 Didn't really liked the fried rice at this outlet though.

After lunch, I took a short subway ride from Doubutsuen-mae station to Nipponbashi station, where I walked towards Den-den town in search of One Piece anime stuffs.

Walking towards Den-den town

Cosplay outfits

Dragonball anime merchandise

Naruto Tees

After Den-den town, I headed for Namba station to stroll through Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi shopping street.

Cheap Winter Boots. 990yen. Didn't buy since I already have a pair at home, but was pretty tempted to though.

 After Shinsaibashi, I walked towards Amerika-mura in search of Mandarake store. Finally found it, but they strictly enforced no photography rule in the store so wasn't able to take pics of the store.  Found One Piece merchandise here but extremely expensive.  Lots of other anime toys and rare vintage toys sold here as well.

Came across a few Love Hotels in the area.

It has been a long day. Therefore I bought food back to my hotel room to eat.


  1. Hi Samantha, Yap here. I dropped by your blog a while back. Remember?

    I am back from my trip.

    Nice travelogue you have there!

    It makes me feel like going back Japan again, despite being back for less than a week.

    I stayed in Nipponbashi when i was in Osaka! I like Den Den Town too. :)

    Did you visit the shop behind Naniwa Dengyosha?

    It's a shop that sell many Anime Figurines and collectible there. I spent $300 just for souvenirs alone. Haha. Mainy One Piece Figurine keychains for my family and friends.

    1. Yup, hi hi welcome back.
      I know how it feels like. I just went Japan in Sep, and am missing the place. Looking forward to my trip to Japan (again) in Dec next month. :)

      I don't know about the shop. Not sure if it's the one I visited but I just roamed about Den Den town and saw some One Piece stuffs. Bought a Crimin T-shirt to wear to the One Piece exhibition at Sabae. :)

  2. Yea, saw your plan for upcoming trip in Dec.

    Looking at Japan Guide now and getting tempted again.

    Even Tokyo itself is so nice to visit again. Lol. :)