Thursday, January 10, 2013

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 4: Day trip to Wakayama then to Kyoto (Part 3)

After I'm done with exploring Kishi station, I took a normal train (non-themed) back to Idakiso station to see if the Cat Niitama have woken up from its beauty sleep yet.

Normal train
Interior of a normal (non-themed) train
Saw that the Omoden train is beginning to leave the depot area at Idakiso station.

Yup, Nitama have woken up.

Omoden train arriving at Wakayama station
 After I'm done exploring the 3 themed trains at Wakayama, I took a Limited Express train (which was covered by the 4 day JR Kansai Area Wide Pass) from Wakayama station to Kyoto station. From Kyoto station, it was 2 short train rides (about 15mins total) to get to Gion-Shijio station where my accommodations for the next 3 nights is located at.  

I stayed at a old restored Machiya (traditional wooden townhouse) called Rakuza Guesthouse, located 1min away from Gion-Shijio station's exit. It cost me 3500yen for a single room (shared toilet/bathroom). This guesthouse have dormitory for females as well as rooms for 2 pax.
The place is extremely quiet, so quiet at night that I can hear my neighbour in next-door room plugging in her HTC phone to charge (the beep sound). I was also able to decipher which countries the guests in the various rooms surrounding mine are from...based on their conversations I am able to hear from my room.  
Therefore, sound proofing is extremely bad, but it wasn't too big of a concern for me, since it's a good experience for me to be able to stay at a Machiya at Gion area in Kyoto. 
The wooden panels on the floor creaks whenever you walk on it, but I consider it part of the charm of the place.  

Shared common area on ground level of the guesthouse
Corridor leading towards shared toilets and bathroom

My dinner of rice + nuggets ...together with Runningman on my Tablet. :)

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  1. OMG, running man in kyoto! Thanks for the posts! Trying to decide if should visit Wakayama, but it seems like it's just all themed trains? haha. Cool site!